Virtual events

Your target group expects more. With us as your partner, you can expect more

The new normal has special demands for your virtual event. That’s because your target groups have higher expectations of your online conference, talk, summit, or inspiration session. Do you also want to achieve activation and commitment from people at home? Then that requires solutions that go beyond a standard Skype, Zoom, or Team meeting. Much further. If your expectations are at the highest level, then we’re the partner you can rely on. End-to-end, we provide you with creative, technical, and organizational support. With the right advice. High-quality equipment. And the most expert and committed people.

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That ‘real’ feel back in events

The main difference between physical and online events is how the audience experiences them. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to bringing back that ‘real’ feeling. That’s why we pull out all the stops for your virtual event. Think: a central reception hall that is a digital copy of a physical version. Informal rooms where your guests can network or just have a conversation. And last but not least: exhibition spaces for your possible sponsor or co-creators.

Stream your audience on LED. For the most vivid, interactive result

With LED Walls and screens, you can offer experiences that are not feasible with green screen. That’s why we invest heavily in them. LED allows you to use photorealistic, dynamic backgrounds. You can display any desired image on them. And that image is visible to everyone at the same time. Use our LED Walls and screens, for example, to stream a live audience on them. This way, it will feel like there are actual people present, and everyone on location and at home can see them. The presenter interacts directly with the audience on LED. For a face-to-face interview. Or a poll in which everyone participates. To us, it’s evident: LED breathes live into the event. In a way, that’s just not possible with any other technology for online events.

Get more out of it with the use of marketing tools

A significant advantage of a virtual, online event is that it’s even easier to link your activity to marketing tools. From the moment of registration up to after sales, all data of participants can be tracked. Throughout the virtual location, you can work with call-to-actions and possibilities for direct sales. Optimize conversion by applying analytics to all the accurate data you get.

We love our trade. And a challenge

Quality and efficiency, you bet! We rely on our team to make right on our promises. We have the experience, expertise, technical knowledge, and creativity to support you. No matter how modest or demanding your wishes may be. Our people love their jobs. And they love a challenge. So feel free to challenge us. We’ll only get real satisfaction if we can make you satisfied.

Flexibility. Our golden standard

Made to order. It’s what we promise and deliver. Because of durability, speed, and flexibility, we work with standard solutions as much as possible. We continue to implement them in such a way that they strictly meet your expectations. So ask us your question. And be surprised by our answer.

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