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Virtual Event Studio

The studio that offers an abundance of interaction and experience

The new digital playground for events managers

All creative possibilities. One turnkey solution.
Host in digital studio.
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Virtual Event Studio, Baarn
Thanks to all the innovative features, you can completely customize this virtual event studio – in an instant. Because whether you opt for ready-made templates or customization: everything is turnkey.
The interactive studio

With LED walls, you lay the foundations. And by using Augmented Reality, you can create unlimited environments for online (e.g. product) presentations, talk shows or panel discussions with a ‘live’ feeling – no matter where the speakers are located. Put the online audience in the spotlight and engage in interaction with polls and by integrating social media. Stream with the tools you’re used to. For top-class results.

Unprecedented possibilities

Create the studio you need with high-quality LED walls and Augmented Reality technology. With ready-made templates or have it tailored to your needs.

Lively interaction between speakers, host and audience

The audience can be streamed on thumbnails, so that everyone is in the picture. Speakers or presenters at different locations can be streamed ‘live’ visually next to the host, so that it looks like they are live on stage.

More experience, higher impact

With a hologram you can show your new product in 3D. Let your audience actively participate through polls. Further enhance the experience by streaming what happens on social media.

Virtual event in custom setting and studio
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Polar digital product release

Planning a virtual event?

Leave the technical details to us

Let us help you with organizing a virtual event so that you can focus on the content and leave the technical details to us.

Benefits and reach

Virtual events surpass physical events in terms of reach and accessibility.

The Virtual Event Studio also has a number of features and benefits that make it even more attractive to use.

Features &Benefits

Minimal footprint

No mobility of people or transportation of materials are necessary. This way you are contributing to a more sustainable world.

Re-use of content

Digital content is easy to re-use. Valuable building blocks for your social media or calendar.

Collecting data

Virtual events provide all kinds of data that you can take action on.

Integration with all videoconferencing programs

We can stream the event through the program of your choice. Or choose our own Event Platform.

Polls and social media

Engage the audience with a poll. Or increase the interaction by integrating social media into the stream.

AR and holograms

Thanks to AR, you can stream speakers on location or your audience directly on screen. You can display your product in 3D using a hologram.

Virtual event studio XD Stage
Image left Virtual XD Stage
Virtual event studio Cube Stage
Image right Cube Stage
Virtual event studio Tower Stage
Image left Tower Stage
Virtual event studio Tower XL Stage
Image right Tower XL Stage
How it works
It can be as simple as that
Step 01
Choose a stage design
You can put a background of your choice on the LED walls. With LED, the visual quality is very high. Plus, it provides a natural-feeling work environment for a host or presenter.
Step 02
Deploy extra features
With Augmented Reality, you can seamlessly stream external speakers or an online audience ‘live’ on screen. You can even have a 3D hologram: to make your new product or company logo really pop. In addition, you can opt for polls or to integrate social media.
Step 03
Determine the setting
You can choose from a range of stage settings such as talk show, panel discussion or presentation. Each of the settings is specifically tailored to the way you will use the stage.
Do you have something similar in mind? Reach out to us.
Augmented Reality
The combination of our LED screens with the addition of augmented reality means the possibilities for your stage design are endless.

LED screen

The LED screens offer high quality and unprecedented flexibility. You remain in control down to the smallest detail. LED guarantees a lively presentation. The host or presenter sees the same thing as the online audience.


LED with AR

Augmented reality offers you even more possibilities, such as providing the backdrop with extra layers. You can also screen speakers from other locations on stage next to the host – as if they were there live. Or stream your audience via thumbnails, so everyone sees each other. This way you ensure maximum interaction and experience.

Big Stage
The large stage offers you total flexibility. You can have a variety of settings: such as a talk show, panel discussion or presentation.
National Geographic online Panel Discussion Setting.
Image left Panel Discussion Setting.
Create an online talkshow setting.
Image right Talk Show Setting.
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