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Faber has the knowledge, creativity and technology to significantly increase the impact on the audience at your business events, conferences, festivals, presentations and other productions. For example, what to make of projection mapping: showing images on objects or even buildings. No one can ignore that.
Opening Paleis het Loo
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Opening show, Paleis Het Loo
Opening Paleis Het Loo projectie live muziek

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If you are considering projection, we will be happy to brainstorm with you.

All types of shows and events, big or small.


Indoor projection is highly suitable for bringing content – including live content – to the audience’s attention in a striking and at the same time compelling way. That content might simply consist of the company logo, the brand or product name, but could also include announcements and other messages. Faber offers a very wide choice of projectors with different light outputs. Which one is most suitable depends on the location and the background on which it will be projecting. Is that a simple screen or some other surface that is not directly intended for that purpose? Obtain the best information and advice in advance from one of our experts, to prevent any difficulties on site.



Projection mapping is an interesting option to maximize your creativity. This is a 3D technology where you project visual content onto objects, irregular surfaces or buildings, such as a building, the interior of a museum, a tower or a monumental façade. This opens up an impressive canvas to project moving or still images onto, with the ability to vary the colors, shapes and textures endlessly. Leave a lasting impression on your spectators.


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With us, your wishes are the priority. Your production is unique. That is why we like to work together to come up with ideas. We support you from the first contact through to implementation with advice, project management, technical solutions and operational realization.

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Corporate event, Amsterdam
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If you are considering projection, we will be happy to brainstorm with you.