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Mobile LED

The all-in-one solution for outdoor LED

The perfect picture at outdoor events. Includes transportation, installation and operation.

Our mobile LED screens guarantee top picture quality during outdoor events, such as festivals, shows, and sports competitions. Our technicians can have the trailer with the outdoor LED screen operational at each location within an hour and a half.
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Looking for a mobile LED solution?

If you are looking for a mobile solution for your event, we will be happy to advise.

Unmatched picture quality, even during the day

We offer a choice of different sizes of mobile LED screens. These mobile LED screens deliver high picture quality thanks to the use of the best quality LED. Possible for any event from small groups of spectators to tens of thousands of people at a sports or music event.


Savings on time, organization and money

With a mobile LED screen you save a lot of time during assembly, during the event itself and during dismantling. As Faber is responsible for all the required facilities and inspections, you no longer have to worry about this part of the production. As such, we offer you one complete turnkey LED solution. Ready to use – including transport and crew.


Including transportation, installation, operation and technical support

Faber’s mobile LED trucks offer the all-in-one solution. We will take care of the transportation of the system and its installation and dismantling on location. With the optional generator on board, the risk of power failure is mitigated. In other words: a ready-to-use system. Our on-site technician will take care of it and provide further technical support where needed.

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Features &Benefits

Unmatched outdoor picture quality

Offer your audience an unparalleled visual experience at outdoor festivals, sports, live and corporate events. Even during the day!

All-in-one, turnkey

Eén bedrijfsklaar systeem. Van transport en installatie tot op- en afbouw in één hand.

Including transportation and technician

We supply the mobile LED screen complete with its control room, possibly a generator and the crew for transportation and technical installation.

Four sizes

Choice of different sizes.

Operational within 90 minutes.

We transport the system to and from your location. Our technician ensures that everything is operational on site within around 90 minutes.

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If you are looking for a mobile solution for your event, we will be happy to advise.