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The most powerful management tools for AV content

Trouble-free distribution of video content

Faber offers a range of modern and powerful media servers with unique features for managing, editing and playing back AV content
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An essential tool

Media servers have become an indispensable part of today’s audiovisual production. Thanks to specially developed software, these extremely powerful computers take care of controlling, creating and visualizing a wide variety of audiovisual content. A good example is creating instarts of previously recorded video items. But also the integrated control of show elements where light and sound have a function.


High-end media servers from the premium brands

Faber has the most advanced and reliable media servers – all from the premium brands in the market – that are used on location for both relatively simple and highly complex productions alike. Clients worldwide count on Faber when choosing their media servers as the central hub for their productions. These include live shows, concerts, festivals, conferences, corporate events, entertainment, and sporting events.


Quality and Reliability

Faber’s crew has many years of international experience in operating various types of media servers. As a result, they are all specialists who not only operate the servers during production, but also provide extensive advice in the preliminary phase about the best set-up for your production, project or event, no matter how complex or demanding it is. A promise to carry every production to a tangibly higher level thanks to their expertise, high-quality servers and the accompanying specialist software from Faber.


Our undivided attention

With us, your wishes are the priority. Your production is unique. That is why we like to work together to come up with ideas. We support you from the first contact through to implementation with advice, project management, technical solutions and operational realization.

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