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Camera solutions for detailed experience and re-experience

Everything you need to record and play live footage

We have everything you need to record and broadcast live footage. From the know-how and operational execution to the state-of-the-art equipment
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Corporate event 2023, Amsterdam
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If you have a specific show or event in mind, we will be happy to brainstorm with you.
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High-quality solutions for greater audience engagement

Are you looking for solutions to display your show, conference, sports match, fair or other event live on big screens? Or to record an event in its entirety and produce an aftermovie afterwards? Faber has all the technology to record and broadcast live footage and on-demand content. From end-to-end 4K and HD solutions to recording and editing options in high picture quality. Solutions for everything from small events to demanding live shows.


Solutions for a detailed experience


We have a wide range of high-end cameras and camera systems. Whether you choose to stream live or shoot recordings, our 4K and HD cameras ensure clear and sharp results.

PTZ automated and remote controlled cameras

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) – cameras are small, versatile cameras for small and large productions. PTZs are remotely controlled. One person can control several at the same time. Efficient and effective, their presets are easy to store and they allow you to show stage footage that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

Event camera control
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Live registration Rolling Loud Rotterdam
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Complete production systems: PPU (Portable Production Unit)

PPUs are compact control systems. An ideal replacement for a director’s trailer. Our PPUs are composed of state-of-the-art components. Always assured of the highest image quality. We deliver large, small, complex and less complicated PPU sets. We will be happy to brainstorm together with you to find the best PPU for your production.


Do you want to play on-demand video footage during a live show, or play a sponsor’s commercial during a sports match? Faber has the latest and most advanced systems in playback technology.


Faber can, if desired, record the switched image of a production. Ideal for making an aftermovie or playing a full show back to your target group on demand. We provide the ISO recordings upon request. In addition, all camera streams are recorded separately, so that you can choose from multiple images afterwards during editing.

Camera control Down The Rabbit Hole
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Down The Rabbit Hole 2023
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If you have a specific show or event in mind, we will be happy to brainstorm with you.