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Corporate conference with a LED stage
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Corporate event, Amsterdam.
Virtual Production ICVFX studio

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If you are looking for an LED solution for your production, we will be happy to advise.

Suitable solution for every production

LED is the leading solution in the field of display technology. Thanks to its exceptional brightness and flexibility, LED is used for a wide range of productions: from film sets to concerts and from conferences to TV studios. Faber has a wide, extensive range of high-quality LED panels available, each with its own advantages and properties, both for indoor and outdoor applications, LED floors and perimeter systems.

Visual Interaction

Innovative LED floors

An LED floor gives your concert, TV show, fair or fashion show unique added value. They increase the aesthetic quality of your production, but also allow for more visual interaction with the audience. Faber has a very wide range of high-end LED floors. In a high-contrast glass or matte version.

Flexible Solution

Creative and Transparent LED

LED offers the designers of backdrops and stages a flexible solution with high image quality and thus almost unlimited creative freedom. An LED panel with extra and unique features is described as a “see through” or transparent LED. With this type of LED, the audience sees the content on the screen, but can nevertheless also see what is going on behind that screen.

It goes without saying that this creates unique stage effects. In this way, the transparency provides depth and perspective. In addition, the content on the LED screen can add more layering and dynamism to the stage. It is even possible to have interaction between screen and background.

In addition to these unique LED panels, Faber offers other creative LED products, such as LED strips and LED strings.

Seek advice

Support in all phases

Are you looking for a suitable LED solution for your event? Our LED experts will be happy to advise you and, if requested, will offer support in all phases of your production: from pixel map, detailed CAD drawing and planning through to technical realization. They have specialized, in-depth knowledge of products and technology, making them a great source or added value for your production.

Music show Vrienden van Amstel Live 2022
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Friends of Amstel Live, Rotterdam Ahoy

Features &Benefits

Picture Quality We recommend LED as an advanced technology to offer your audience the best visual experience both indoors and outdoors.
Top-Class Range The top-end LED screens from our extensive range are optimized for HDR and 10-bit workflows.
In-Depth Knowledge Our LED specialists have in-depth knowledge of products and the technical possibilities. Advice and support from professional to professional. From pixel map to technical realization.
NOS World Cup studio with LED displays
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NOS World Cup Studio ‘22, Hilversum.
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If you are looking for an LED solution for your production, we will be happy to advise.