Faber Remote Monitoring Platform (FRMP)
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Faber Remote Monitoring Platform

Use insights to proactively solve and prevent problems

Monitor your audiovisual setup remotely to identify any potential issues


Minimizes technician eco footprint by optimizing remote work and allow them to be more efficient on site.

Reliable from the start

During the build up, potential points of failure in the installation are addressed immediately.

Secure connections

Combining the latest VPN technology with military grade encryption and a Zero Trust policy.

The Faber Remote Monitoring Platform ensures that your technical production operates at peak performance levels.
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Proactive and anticipative
Faber Remote Monitoring Platform

Leverage insights to anticipate and address challenges ahead of time

As an organizer or producer you want certainty. If unexpected problems arise, it is crucial that you can rely on partners who respond proactively. At Faber, we understand this need all too well.

A cloud based solution that actively monitors your audiovisual installation

Faber Remote Monitoring Platform, FRMP, is a monitoring solution that provides insights in the audiovisual installation of your production. It enables operators, specialists, and producers to gain insight into the complete setup, encompassing devices like computers, network equipment, LED tiles, projectors, and media servers.

FRMP collects data from all equipment, such as temperature, power usage, data traffic, data loss, and specific product parameters. Based on this data, real-time analyses are conducted and trends are developed. This enables any potential issues to be identified and resolved immediately, even before the show has started.

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Systems analysis within the Faber Remote Monitoring Platform (FRMP)

The advantages of FRMP

FRMP reduces technician eco footprint by enabling remote work, optimizing travel efficiency and enhancing productivity on-site.
FRMP is designed to be rapidly up-, and down-scaled. Leveraging a cloud-based infrastructure allows us to utilize resources only as needed, minimizing overhead costs and reducing the ecological footprint.
Data collection & integrity
We utilize on-premise hardware for uninterrupted data collection, even if any internet connection is not available. FRMP minimizes network load, and data collection rates are customizable for specific job and user needs.
Secure connections
By using the latest in VPN technology with military grade encryption, FRMP is able secure user interactions. Security is validated every step along the way, using the Principle of Least Privilege and a Zero Trust approach.
Explaining the added value of Faber Remote Monitoring Platform (FRMP)
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Faber Remote Monitoring Platform (FRMP) app

Your personal dashboard

In your personal dashboard, you can see the health status of all your equipment. If there’s a problem with your audiovisual setup, it will be highlighted, and you can easily contact us by creating a ticket. You’ll also get notifications if we notice anything wrong. We’ll reach out to you by email or phone if needed. You can easily integrate the dashboard into your own operations center.



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Clear production insights through machine learning algorithms

Machine learning algorithms are at the heart of the Faber Remote Monitoring Platform. Through constant data collection, the system gains a deeper understanding of your production. This enables it to identify unusual behavior within seconds and promptly alert the crew.

The paper trail generated by the Faber Remote Monitoring Platform can make you even better prepared for your next edition.

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Enhancing redundancy through advanced monitoring

Most audiovisual installations for long-term productions currently feature a redundant system, acting as a lifeline to protect your setup when suddenly visual issues arise. FRMP provides notifications before potential visual issues occur, enabling quicker action. A Faber specialist can remotely evaluate the situation and determine the necessary steps to resolve the issue, preventing recurrence.

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