Event platform software on mobile phone

Event Platform

The tool for organizing an online event

One platform, customized to meet your needs and goals

A wide range of features to support your virtual or hybrid event.
Event software on tablet

With the Event Platform, you turn a virtual production into a real event. This solution is unlike any other videoconferencing software. You can involve your visitors in the event in multiple ways. Think of event planning, livestreams, interactive presentations, polls, Q&As and many other options. Or let your visitors communicate with each other by video calls or LiveChat.

Breakout rooms at an online event

Breakout rooms

Video conferencing capability fully integrated into the platform. No external platform required.
Networking at a digital event
Meeting each other


Find other guests on the basis of data or interests. Participants can interact directly in the platform by a private chat or video call.
Online event program and agenda

Event Management

Control with the touch of a button what your guests see and when. Create your own program and share it with your guests.

The full experience – yet minimal effort. The total solution for the ultimate “offline feeling” for your “online event”.

Security, Registration & Login

Easy sign-up process for a secure virtual event. The platform provides the right tools to ensure your organization’s security and privacy policies. Use our registration system or import your own guest list. Guests can create their own profile using customizable fields and interests for efficient networking. The login process is fast and secure based on email addresses.

Interface Branding

Create the best brand image with the right colors and images. Choose your own background with image(s) and corporate identity color.

Livestreams & Video-on-Demand

Stream multiple live productions simultaneously and give guests access to video-on-demand content. Schedule live productions and breakout sessions. Breakouts can be integrated as a stream or via video conference, such as Zoom and Teams. You can also integrate slides for live Q&A, polls and quizzes linked to the screens of our virtual studios.

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Virtual Location
From lobbies and sponsor booths to various breakout rooms. Give your online event a physical experience and familiar feel.
Example of a virtual venue
Image left Virtual Venue
Virtual online lobby
Image right Virtual lobby
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