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High-end and reliable

Faber works at events exclusively with LCD and plasma screens from top brands for intensive professional use.

Content from multiple sources on one screen with superior picture quality, true colors and razor-sharp contrast
Large displays in video content exhibition
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Nxt Museum, Amsterdam
Top Quality

High-end displays

Displays, whether LCD or plasma screens, must be of top quality, without exception. It doesn’t make any difference whether the speaker is showing a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation on it, whether the audience is receiving the live footage in a studio room through it, or if they are set up as part of an exhibition. Quality, clarity, sharpness and color are crucial at any time and any place. This is equally true for the displays that professionals, such as image directors, work with. Faber offers a wide selection of image formats, with the most suitable variant always available for every application.

Top Brands

Reliable and Sustainable

At Faber, the bar is always set high. Only top brand displays are used. When purchasing high-end equipment, reliability and sustainability are crucially important. This provides responsible security in the operational use on location.

Widely Applicable

Business events and trade shows

Displays are widely used. Especially in larger spaces, they allow audiences to see video content better than if they were too far away. But it is also more comfortable for the presenter on stage to have a crisp view of the presentation while it is being projected onto a large screen behind them. Just as the director and switching technicians behind the scenes also need the very best display. Other applications? These include deployment for digital signage to provide visitors with relevant program information at various points along the routing. In addition, of course, displays can also visually highlight brands, services and products.


Our undivided attention

With us, your wishes are the priority. Your production is unique. We like to work together to come up with ideas. We support you from the first contact through to implementation with advice, project management, technical solutions and operational realization.

Displays supporting a corporate event
Image left Corporate Event, Beurs van Berlage NL
Large displays in broadcast TV studio
Image right Viaplay Darts, Studio 43
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“Faber has been our supplier for a number of years. From a simple monitor to full live shows. Their flexibility and professionalism are always outstanding”
Joppe Meyer
Technical Project Manager
ITV Productions
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