Virtual production

Imagine. What you couldn’t imagine before

LED Walls replace green screen. Fully digital and in-camera VFX. Completely controlled, high quality environment. Fast and economical production of your film, TV, game, commercial and video.

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Digital technology merges physical objects and camera movements

With Virtual Production you have full control over your production environment for film, TV, commercials, games and video. We use digital technology to merge physical objects and camera movements. With real time rendering. No green screen, but LED Walls instead. Also available are in-camera VFX. With this leap in image quality and possibilities you can set your sights for your most demanding ideas. Ideas that until now were unimaginable, unfeasible or beyond budget. And now, all feasible thanks to our top-notch integration of LED and rendering.

The most innovative solutions. For your demanding audience

Do you set the highest standards? Does your audience not take any compromise on quality for granted? Then we have the virtual environment for you to realize your wishes. With all the creative space you need. Effective and efficient in cost and time. And with hyper-realistic results. We can achieve this high quality level thanks to our uninterrupted investments in hardware and software, tight control over processes, and our professional staff fully oriented on serving you.

Dynamic and scalable

Photorealistic rendering. Dynamic background. Lifelike animation. It’s all within reach. Attainable and scalable. By complementing the LED Walls with green screens, the physical size of your video background knows no limits. Unreal.

Controlled and integrated digital environment for your production
Digital technology combines physical objects and camera movements. Rendering in realtime.

Top-notch: LED Walls and digital in-camera VFX
LED Walls in stead of green screen. Plus in-camera VFX.

Today’s challenges. Met with tomorrow’s solutions
Innovative hardware and software. Now also with 10bit/HDR workflow. Tight processes. Service-oriented professionals.

All the creative possibilities. Within the deadline. Within your budget
Hyper-realistic result.Affordable. Affordable.

Small. Large. We are your production partner for:

  • games
  • commercials
  • movies
  • tv
  • music video
  • animation
  • art
  • YouTube
  • video

The technique. Real-time rendering. 10bit/HDR workflow

We make working in the virtual environment as accessible as possible. A lot of functionality is at your disposal straight away. You work with the effects in real time. You can also set the specifications for images in real time. To make things even smoother, we are now ready for the future with our upgrade to a 10bit/HDR workflow.

The staff. Years of experience to support you day in, day out

We invest in the most innovative technologies. And secure processes. But first and foremost, we invest in our people. They offer you support, step by step. With service and tailoring. With instruction, training and solutions. Everything to make sure your production or project is successful. Within the deadline. Within your budget. Out of sight.

Eye for detail: from organization and creative process to realization

The hardware and software, the people, the experience and the vision. We have it, so you can go get the maximum result. Feel free to discuss your plans with us. We like to partner with you in planning, organization, creative process, logistics, realization and after care. From start to finish: clear, manageable and viable. Thanks to our most professional care and solutions. With an eye for detail.

The technique. And above all: the people
We invest in hardware. We develop our own software. And above all: in people who are there.
Our people love their job. And of every opportunity to serve you.
New: 10bit/HDR
Ready for the future with 10bit/HDR workflow. Work with effects and image specifications in real time.
We work according to official health guidelines for 1.5 meters distance. Everywhere. Always.

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