The studio that offers plenty of interaction and experiences.

Virtual Event Studio

Every creative possibility. One turnkey solution.

This virtual event studio lets you have a full range of innovative features at your fingertips. In the blink of an eye. Whether you opt for ready-made templates or a custom-made solution: everything is turnkey.

The LED walls provide the foundation. And by using Augmented Reality, you can create any environment for online (product) presentations, talk shows, or panel discussions with a ‘live’ feel – no matter where the speakers are. Put the online audience in the spotlight and stimulate interaction via polls or social media integration. Stream with the tools you’re used to. For high-level results.

The new digital playground for every event manager

Limitless possibilities

Create the studio you need with high-quality LED walls and Augmented Reality techniques. Using ready-made templates or custom-made solutions.

Lively interaction between speakers,

host, and audience

The audience can be streamed on thumbnails, so everyone is in the picture. Speakers or presenters in different locations can be streamed 'live' next to the host on screen, so it looks like they are physically on stage.

More experience, higher impact

With a hologram, you can show your new product in 3D. Let your audience participate actively through polls. Increase the experience further by streaming what is happening on social media.

Features and benefits

Virtual events surpass physical events in terms of reach and accessibility.
The Virtual Event Studio also has many features and benefits that make it even more attractive to use.

Minimal footprint

No mobility of people or transport of materials is necessary. This way, you contribute to sustainability.

Reuse of content

Digital content is easy to reuse. It provides valuable building blocks for your social media or calendar.

Collecting data

Virtual events let you collect all sorts of actionable data.

We can stream the event through the program of your choice. Or choose for our own Virtual Event Platform.

Polls and social media

Engage your audience by using a poll. Or stimulate interaction by integrating social media into the stream.

AR and holograms

Thanks to AR, you can stream speakers on location or your audience directly on screen. Or use a hologram to highlight your product in 3D.

This is how simple it works

Choose a stage design

Show the background of your choice on the LED walls. Thanks to LED, the visual quality is of a high level. It also provides a natural working environment for the host or presenter.

Use extra features

Thanks to Augmented Reality, you can seamlessly stream external speakers or online audience 'live' on screen. Even a hologram in 3D is possible. It will make your new product or company logo stand out. In addition, you can opt for polls or social media integration.

Choose the setting

You can choose from different stage settings such as talk show, panel discussion or presentation. Each setting is specifically tailored to how you will use the stage.


Choose precisely the look and feel that suits your event.
We have numerous stage designs, below are some examples.

LED screen

LED walls offer you high production value and flexibility. You can control the production down to the smallest detail. The use of LED guarantees vivacity in the presentation. The host or presenter sees the same on the walls as the audience online.

Virtual Event Studio with LED screens Virtual Event Studio
LED with AR

Augmented Reality adds even more possibilities. You can choose extra layers to enrich the stage. But you can also place speakers at other locations on the stage next to the host – as if they were there live. Audiences can be streamed on thumbnails, so everyone sees everyone. This way, you maximize the interaction and liveliness.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality gives you even more options. You can add additional layers to the decor. But you can also place speakers in other locations next to the host on stage – as if they were there live. You can stream your audience on thumbnails, so that everyone can see each other. This way you maximize interaction and liveliness.

Holographic Presenter

Show a presenter on location right next to your host – as if the person is ‘really’ there.

Virtual Live Audience

Stream the audience online on thumbnails. Everyone sees everyone.

External Speakers

Speakers don’t have to go on the road. Instead, you stream them from their location on the LED wall.

Extensive stage

The large stage gives you total flexibility. Various settings are possible such as a talk show, panel discussion or presentation.


Virtual Event Studio XD Stage


Create a virtual talkshow with our event studio

Panel discussion

Create a virtual panel with our event studio

Some of our cases

Polar virtual event stage


Virtual Event Studio



Virtual Event Studio

National Geographic virtual event 2021

National Geographic Fotowedstrijd 2021

Virtual Event Studio