Virtual Event Studio XL

Your audience experiences your online event as if it were live

Virtual Event Studio XL is the state-of-the-art solution that allows you to produce the highest level’s best online events with live audience interaction.

All about Virtual Event Studio XL

Virtual Event Studio XL

Virtual Event Studio XL is the state-of-the-art solution that allows you to produce the most prominent online events. With this production space, you have every physical and virtual possibility for your online event.

Think of an LED stage with a back screen, complemented with multiple presentation screens. The presenter works in a complete Interactive Augmented Reality environment. And that immediately creates a dynamic setting for online speakers and participants.

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Combine LED technology with augmented reality
Combine the use of multiple real and virtual screens.

Endless, digital possibilities
Multiple presenters, presentations at various locations, virtual audience, panel discussions, or moving cameras are among the possibilities.

Virtual Event Studio XL
More space for larger groups, panel discussions, or entertainment.

Working safely
Work at a safe distance with a minimum of 1.5 meters distance. Studio and direction are separate from each other.

Live interaction between the presenter and your target group

With the Interactive Augmented Reality stage, your presenter interviews the audience face-to-face – wherever they are. The direction ensures that the entire production of your online event runs smoothly. With the Virtual Event Studio XL solution, you have security, safety, and convenience at your fingertips.

Complete turnkey solution

Our goal is to achieve optimal ease of use and efficiency in every production. Using available templates, designs, and total concepts, we set up the operation quickly and easily. The entire studio can be used immediately.

Virtual Event Studio XL

The basics

The high resolution LED screens and LED floor from the basis. This ensures the best possible image quality and creates the best possible presentation environment for the speaker. Studio and show lighting are available to light presenters or bands. In combination with the virtual environment, this translates into visual content that activates your audience and your brand as much as possible.

Augmented reality: a new world of possibilities

The Virtual Event Studio XL offers unique features to invigorate the interaction with your target group. The audience at home is streamed live on the back and side screens in the studio. We also use show effects or show specific themes, additional information, or sponsor logos through augmented reality. The presenter switches directly with individual participants online. Face-to-face interviews, reactions, a poll: everyone who participates in your event sees, interacts, and experiences. In short, you make your audience spectator and participant at the same time.

The Virtual Event Studio XL for among others:

  • corporate event
  • webinar
  • conference
  • product launch
  • talk
  • inspiration session
  • keynote
  • online course
  • summit
  • theme day
  • congress
  • trade fair
  • musical performance

State of the art Virtual Event Studio XL
The latest techniques give shape to all your ambitions.

Exceeds any other virtual event solution
Endless possibilities for far-reaching interaction with your audience.

Reaction and interaction with your audience
Direct communication and interaction with your audience and speakers.

Surprise your participants
Innovative solutions such as a digital reception hall and registration.

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