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Faber Venue VR: Convincing your customers visually

Are you an event or sales manager at an event location and do you want to win over your customers easier and faster by visual means? We proudly present to you our new product. Faber Venue VR.

Imagine that you are talking to a potential customer who wants to organise an event, maybe even at event location. How can you convince your customer at that moment that your venue is the best choice?

Faber Venue VR is the perfect solution for this. It offers your customers the unique opportunity to view the event location and to showcase various examples of events in Virtual Reality.

We make it possible for you to visualise the event concept of your customer and to show it within the virtual version of your location in VR.

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$ 3450,-

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  • Personalised package
  • Your event site in VR (1 room)
  • Oculus Go
  • Faber VR experience app
  • Power cable
  • Power pack
  • Custom flight case with your own logo
  • 2 demo event visualisations within your site
  • A creative meeting with Faber Audiovisuals
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Package 1

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Per Month
  • Personalised package
  • Your event site entirely in VR (Multiple rooms)
  • Oculus Go VR Headset
  • Personalised Faber VR experience app
  • Power cable
  • Power pack
  • Custom flight case with your own logo
  • A creative meeting with Faber Audiovisuals
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Customers can fully immerse themselves in the potential of your event location

Using a VR headset and the Faber VR Experience app, prospective customers will be enchanted by the boundless potential of your event location. This innovative tool makes it possible for your customers to immerse themselves fully in the various specifications. In addition, events can be visualised comprehensively before concrete agreements are made.

Objects such as decor, lighting, screens, projectors, tables, and chairs, can be adapted entirely to the needs of your customer. In addition, in a single step, it is possible to demonstrate various variations of event concepts within your location.

Faber Venue VR is:

  • Showcasing your event location in advance in combination with virtual reality.
  • Convincing your customers over faster and easier through the visualisation of concepts.
  • Cost-efficient by making the right agreements with the customer faster and easier.
  • The possibility to visualise complete events within your event location for your customer in advance.

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Brainstorm together about your event location?

Faber Audiovisuals possesses the creative and production resources and the right hardware and software. This enables us to realise VR applications tailored to you.

Therefore, we challenge you to make your location even more successful through this unique concept. Success is guaranteed in advance.

Please do ask us for examples; inspiration will ensue by default!

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