Studio Wolvega

The most professional environment. For the most demanding level of communication

Your online participants, visitors or speakers are streamed in the background, enabling direct interaction. The result: greater involvement of your target groups in your live broadcast, webcast or webinar.

Discover Studio Wolvega

The live online events, webinars or recordings that people are waiting for

Looking to involve your stakeholders directly, live and interactively via a webcast, webinar or in the form of an online event? And be able to reach a much wider audience by making the recording available on-demand? Studio Wolvega is your choice if you want to communicate at a high level with your internal and external target groups. We offer you a full range of options through our personalized and secured platform – developed in-house. That’s how you get people to get your message, in the most professional way.

Interactive participation of your audience
Audience streamed on screens at the back of the studio. For direct interaction.

Interviews, Q&A or a poll. Engagement!
Let your audience at home ask questions, or share their opinions.

Table for 5 persons. 4 remote controlled cameras
A fully professional environment to get your message across professionally.

Safe. Always. Everywhere
Separate rooms for direction, production and editing. Plus digital safety through registration and security.

A vibrant environment for the presentation. Creating a real connection with your audience

A webcast or webinar is a professional way of getting your brand’s message across to your target groups and stakeholders. It gets even better when you trade in one-way traffic with mutual, interactive communication and dialogue. That’s why your audience at home is streamed on screens in the studio. It will add to the liveliness of your stream immediately! Your presenter interacts with the audience in real time. People have the opportunity to share their opinion or participate in a Q&A. Answer questions coming in via chat. Or think about gauging the audience’s opinion on specific topics via a poll. The public online experiences the reactions of the other participants and speakers. Result: more interaction. And a stronger connection with your target group.

Studio Wolvega is the professional environment for the production of your:

  • live broadcast
  • webinar
  • webcast
  • on-demand production
  • streaming event
  • online event
  • online talk
  • keynote
  • presentation
  • panel discussion
  • theme day
  • board meeting
  • e-learning
  • inspiration session
  • talk

All-in-one. Including our support

The table in the studio can host a group of up to 5 people, including presentation and guests. There are 4 remote controlled cameras. Whatever you have in mind: we’re happy to support you with advice, solutions, service, technical knowledge and our people on site. Catering at Studio Wolvega is also available.

Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts. Optionally with registration, security and analytics

We can stream your recording to any player and any platform: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts. And you can use YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other channel to offer the webcast live or on-demand. The studio also integrates seamlessly with our Virtual Event Platform. This offers you additional features like a dedicated homepage, registration and security, as well as options for sales, analytics and conversion. Everything to make it a complete event.

Safety and reliability first

Of course we ensure the physical safety of everyone on the floor. We guarantee that everyone can work in accordance with the regulations for 1.5 meters distance. That includes presenters, guests and speakers. Direction, production and editing work from separate rooms. A robust IT infrastructure ensures reliable connections. We also take care of digital security: registration and security are in good hands with us.