Studio Noord

The studio that flexibly adapts to your needs

Looking for ways to get your message across to your target audience with a fresh perspective? Do you need a professional, flexible working environment that can tailor to your presentation, discussion, Q&A, product launch, talk, customer or corporate event? We’d like to make it possible with you in Studio Noord.

Discover Studio Noord

Touch home base with your professional productions

In Studio Noord we have the full package to support you in your internal and external communication. Audio, lighting and sets can all be arranged to suit your needs. You can invite up to 5 people (your guests including the presenter) to your table. Mobile walls with 84-inch screens are at your disposal to customize the set. You can employ multiple cameras for maximum freedom in direction. Of particular interest is the dynamic LED ‘horizon’. Ideal for implementing your corporate branding!

High-quality LED ‘horizon’
Extremely large LED screen transmits any desired content dynamically and with high quality.

Flexible to set up
Everything you need to get audio, lighting, decoration and camera positioning right.

Support with sound advice, solutions and service
We select our people based on their expertise and motivation. Ready for you!

Safety first
Our full focus is on the physical and digital safety of the guests, presenters, crew and your audience at home.

Maximum flexibility

In Studio Noord all kinds of configurations of audio, light, cameras and sets are possible. Unique is the dynamic LED ‘horizon’. It can display anything you want in a very high resolution. It also provides you the opportunity for consistent corporate branding. Whatever you have in mind, we will gladly support you with advice, solutions, service, technical knowledge and our people on-site.

At Studio Noord we support you with everything for:

  • live broadcasts
  • presentations
  • interviews
  • discussions
  • interviews
  • meetings
  • talks
  • inspiration
  • keynotes
  • sessions
  • themes
  • panel discussions
  • streaming events
  • online events

Full-service. Touch & Go!

The set is particularly suitable for presentations, interviews, broadcasts, or a discussion program. There’s room for 5 people at the table, including presentation and guests. The studio is also set up to maximize efficiency for you. To save time, we work with templates and standard protocols. Additionally, you have the option to use your own systems.

Integration with known platforms and channels. Plus our Virtual event platform

Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts. Plus YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. We support you with streaming your content to all popular platforms and channels. Integration with Virtual Event Platform is seamless. It allows you to add a digital reception area and breakout rooms.

Safety. At any given time. In any given situation

Of course, we fully take into account alle measures concerning corona. The studio is set up to ensure working at 1.5 meters is possible everywhere, all the time. The director and their crew work from a separate room. Digital security is also top of mind, through careful procedures for registration and security.

How can we help?

Want to discover the possibilities with Studio Noord? Contact us for an online meeting or demonstration.

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    Arjen van der Klis
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