Studio H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam

Unique in Europe. Innovative. The inspiring Campus for live, virtual, and hybrid events

Looking for the most professional support and equipment for your webinar? Interested in an exceptional location for your corporate event? Come to our brand new studio in the H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam. And benefit from our committed support, central location, synergy with startups, and the whole range for customization.


The location. The opportunities. The community. In one word: extraordinary

Faber AV is the proud partner of the H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam, the new hub for esports, creative tech, training, events, and audiovisual production. In our brand new H20 studio, you’ll profit from all the facilities and knowledge to professionally produce your webinar. Also, the Campus offers you a unique location for your live, virtual or hybrid event. The main stage has a LED wall of 24 meters wide. You can treat your business relations or employees to a complete package of engaging activities: from gaming to sim racing, virtual reality, and more. And because an array of tech startups are active on the Campus, they offer attractive opportunities for networking. In short, the H20 Campus promises an experience that people will talk about.

Creative tech, startups, and AV production in one place
Inspiring. Innovative. Exceptional in Europe.
Connect your contacts, employees, and your brand with the next generation
Combine your live, virtual or hybrid event with gaming, tech, VR, and more.
Scalable from webinar to corporate event
Solutions for the entire range: from small-scale to unforgettable.
Professionalism. For every budget
Higher returns for your project. Even with a more modest budget.

Live presence. Or at a distance. But always close

Are you looking for a well-equipped studio for your webinar or talk? Are you thinking of a product launch in combination with a media event? Or do you want to be able to organize an exclusive event for employees or business relations? At the H20 Campus, the choice is yours. Purely make use of our studio. Or expand to the Rabo Esports Stadium, with 10,000m2 of floor space. The combination of facilities, skilled support, and accessibility makes H20 the place to go to & the place to be.

The H20 Campus is the innovative and inspiring location for you:

  • Corporate event
  • Webinar
  • Team Day
  • Live Event
  • Virtual event
  • Online event
  • Hybrid Event
  • Theme: youth
  • Theme: innovation
  • Theme: inspiration
  • Theme: community involvement
  • Theme: sports and eSports
  • Corporate event
  • Production sports or esports
  • Production entertainment or amusement
  • Inspiration session
  • Stream
  • Press and media session
  • Product launch
  • Event combination activities

Centrally located. Good accessibility. Free parking.

The Campus is located 20 minutes from the Central Station in Amsterdam. There is parking space for 40 cars. And parking is free.

Good advice. For efficient choices. Or maximum customization

With all the options available today, choosing can be difficult. That’s why our team always starts with a brief intake to discover what your needs and options are. This ensures you get high-quality solutions. And as much customization as you want. Without losing time, effort, and motivation searching for what you need for your idea, project, or production

How can we help?

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