Online events

The experience of the old normal. With all the extras of the new

You know how to reach your target group when organizing your online event. The new challenge is to captivate, touch, and bind them.

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Organizing online events

With the live feeling of ‘old-fashioned’ events. Online events are the new normal. New is that your target groups now also want to¬†experience¬†them. That’s why our platforms and products let your audience return to that feeling of old. And with customized services and software we develop in-house, we take you to the next step.

A webinar, product launch, presentation, or online course that captivates your audience. A conference, talk, summit, kick-off, theme day, or session that actively involves spectators.

In short, an online event that turns passive, anonymous viewers into active and visible participants.

Live contact & interaction with your guests
Increase engagement with your audience through interactive features.

Enlighten your audience with professional, interactive sessions: Webinar, product introduction, or presentation.

Pay special attention to your partners and sponsors in your digital environment.

Safe working environment, safe distance
Everyone attending works at a safe distance from each other. The direction operates from a different, separate room.

College Club

A natural presentation for the most outstanding commitment

How do you do it in today’s world? Organize an online event that really interests people? Our products and services are – within the security framework – designed for interaction with your target group.

Instead of green screens, we mainly use LEDs. In this way, we create a lively and recognizable environment. A set in which the presenter can make your online event as natural and real as possible.

Presentation tools allow you to tell your story clearly. Live streams with show effects ensure maximum impact with your target group. You have room to host speakers, guests, and even a live audience.

Involve the audience at home with a complete experience through interactive polls, Q&A’s and face-to-face interviews.

Integrate marketing tools for statistics, evaluation, and conversion

Online events offer you a significant advantage compared to traditional events. Primarily if you use our solutions. With your online event, you can achieve even more effectiveness and return on investment by directly linking your marketing tools to it.

With our products and services, you can implement your brand identity down to the last detail. Importing your own contacts is hassle-free. And using your own tools is also effortless, for example, for visitor registration.

In other words: you have everything you need to keep track of extensive statistics and metrics. Online participants are linked directly to a specific web page or a call-to-action.

Use evaluation forms and get even more feedback from your audience. Integrating your online event with these marketing tools gives you insights on which you can plan action. And more importantly: insights that contribute to measurable conversion.

Online event analytics
Virtual Event Studio

Scalability and reuse: manageable solutions

Whether you’re organizing an online event for 10, 100, or 100,000 participants: we’re here for you. We use standard elements to set up everything quickly, modularly, and cost-effectively in any situation. This also makes the number of visitors and the frequency of events easily scalable. In-house we develop software to optimally control the entire set-up. This software is platform-independent. So it works effortlessly with your systems. Guaranteed. We reuse as many components as we can. That gives us a good feeling about sustainability – and saves you extra costs.

Guidance and customization

We can come up with all kinds of solutions. That’s what we excel in. But it’s only useful if our solutions are effective for you. That’s why we are so dedicated to you as our client. By offering a level of service that matches the high level of our solutions. We help you with modular and scalable products, turnkey solutions, and clear instructions. Our specialists support you in the preparation, during the event’s execution, in aftercare and evaluation.

We strive to keep costs acceptable through standardization and reuse of products, combined with the highest quality. Do you have specific wishes and goals? Ask us, and we’ll arrange it!

Virtual Event Studio XL

Online events for organizing, for instance, a:

  • company presentation
  • online debate
  • online conference
  • product launch
  • inspiration session
  • keynote

Organizing events online
Reach your target group online, with a live feeling.

Presentations with great involvement
Maximum involvement of your participants through the use of endless virtual possibilities.

Integrate marketingtools
Create the ultimate experience for your visitors through extensive integration of your corporate identity, personalization and digital registration of your visitors.

Guidance and customization
A feeling of an event, online, with custom design options.

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