Mobile LED solutions

If you want it super fast. Simple. And with the highest engagement of your audience

Are you looking for a complete LED system that can be operational within 1.5 hours? Mobile LED is an interesting solution. It offers you a choice of LED screens ranging from approximately 50m2 to 90m2. Complete with a truck, trailer with LED screen and control room, driver, and technician. Ideal for involving your audience in a sporting event, festival, or other live events.

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Mobiel LED vrachtwagen

Bring your audience to where the action is

With Mobile LED your spectators or visitors experience your event up close and personal. All the action, or the act on stage, can be followed everywhere, and by everyone. LED technology ensures that your audience can see the images on the screens perfectly – even in full daylight. Do you opt for two Mobile LEDs? Then we use our own software to calibrate the screens so they display an identical image: equally sharp, with the same colors and identical contrast.

Livestream evenement op mobiel LED scherm
Mobiel LED scherm bij race evenement.

Save yourself time, effort, and costs

Choosing Mobile LED will save you man-hours and costs. Forget about producing construction drawings in advance or having inspections carried out. You don’t work with separate parts that are delivered by different parties. You also don’t have to deal with complicated assembly or adjustment. Instead, you get a turnkey system that is ready in about 1.5 hours. Including driver and technician. And: with full control of your time and budget from start to finish.

While all eyes are on your content, you don’t have to keep an eye out for it

Mobile LED is a practical and complete all-in-one solution. On location, the truck containing the complete system maneuvers directly into the right position. The hydraulic installation lifts the screen out of the trailer – and the system is ready to go. If you choose the option of having a generator on board, even the risk of power failure is covered.

Mobiel LED tijdens motor event

All-in-one. Including control room. Efficient!
No separate suppliers for each and every component. No unnecessary loss of man-hours during assembly. No costs for multiple shipments by different suppliers.

Operational in approximately 1.5 hours
The truck arrives ready to go and with the technician.

Always the best solution for your specific project
We advise you on the optimal choice for your project: screen size, number of mobile LEDs, etc.

Technical support. By our professionals on-site. Or on-call
Support you can count on.

The turnkey solution that offers you speed and efficiency:

  • Formule 1
  • Ski race
  • Beach volleyball
  • Sporting event
  • Tournament
  • Outdoor event
  • Festival
  • Live show
  • Entertainment
  • Dance event
  • Multiday festival or event
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