Mobile LED Screens: made-to-measure on-site

Mobile LED Screens

Our mobile LED screens offer a solution for your event when a limited set-up time is an important factor and the location requires a made-to-measure solution. No complicated rigging with all the preparations that this involves, such as construction drawings and inspections. No time-consuming installation and calibration. Our trailer arrives, manoeuvres into the right position, and the hydraulic system lifts the screen from the trailer and puts it in place. There is a solution even for when there is no electrical current: the inclusion of a generator ensures that the entire system is self-sufficient. Do you prefer rigid containers? That is possible too.

Ample Choice

Faber Audiovisuals offers three types of mobile LED screens:

  • Mobile container mast-mounted screen
  • Mobile mast-mounted screen
  • Mobile LED screen
We have various sizes of each type:

  • Mobile container mast-mounted screen: 31 and 50 square metres
  • Mobile mast-mounted screen: 49, 50, and 78 square metres
  • Mobile LED screen: 50, 56, 69, 81, and 88 square metres

Identical Images

Special software makes it possible for us to calibrate two mobile container screens so that they display completely identical images. For example, if you use container mast-mounted screens at your festival, then the images to the left and to the right of the stage will not differ from each other: just as sharp, the same colours, and identical contrast. Literally picture-perfect. Your audience will probably not wonder about the technology behind it all, but it will certainly not go unnoticed that it all looks perfect. You no longer have to settle for a lesser option thanks to our top-quality mobile screens.
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