Media Servers

The Top brands that combine unimaginable power with unprecedented versatility

Real-time 3D simulation and 3D mapping. Realtime effects, transitions, and playback. Pre-visualization. Positioning of equipment. All tasks you can automate thanks to media servers and custom-made software. The best choice for your production, project, or event? Our professionals will be happy to advise you!

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Top brands. Each server with specific qualities. Directly available

Creating virtual worlds in 3D. The registration of a show, or a live sports broadcast. Or the visual support and realization of a corporate event. For the specific requirements of each individual project, you can be sure that we have the right media server. We only offer Top brands: computers with high-end components, built for intensive use. Within our range, each product has dedicated features and specializations. We can provide you with all equipment directly.

Professional and expert sales and technical advice

We train our people especially to give you the best support in sales and technology. Do you know exactly which specifications your media server needs to meet? Are you still in the orientation phase? We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best product for your production, project, or event.

Top brands
High-end components. For intensive use. 

Choice of select media servers
We are happy to advise you about the most suitable hardware for specific situations.

The best people
Technical support on-site or on-call. Tips if you’re still in the orientation phase. Service from start to finish.

Top brand media servers. To be used at:

  • Virtual event
  • Online event
  • Hybride event
  • Live event
  • Film productiom
  • Series production
  • Corporate Events
  • Live shows
  • Employee event
  • Corporate meet-up
  • Sports
  • Entertainment