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Content playout

The Chinese proverb says: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ You must integrate images in your presentation if you want to make an impact. It does not matter whether it pertains to a lecture, a shareholders’ meeting, a product launch or a performance. Images contribute to awareness and understanding, to involvement and solidarity, there where they are functional, supportive, and reinforcing.


Faber Audiovisuals possesses advanced equipment from various sources for the integration of images. Sources such as:

  • Video
  • Stills
  • Animations
  • Graphics
  • Live feeds
  • Audio and sound effects

We make those visible and audible in high resolution, perfectly synchronised and exactly on cue in the underlying scenario. The viewing method does not matter: projected or on LED screen.


The biggest challenge is always the creation: what is integrated how in the show in the most impactful and convincing programming. Faber Audiovisuals can advise and support you in this from the initial idea to the complete production and implementation. After all, no one knows better than us what is possible, what works, and what does not. While a sophisticated balance in the use of images will be a success with your guests, excess and a lack of structure will be disruptive. Much is possible from an image-technical perspective. However, the underlying objective is what counts: can you achieve your objective better, more convincing, through a selective integration of image and audio technologies?
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Image processing

Image data from various sources are being combined using digital image processing. This requires advanced image processors that can superimpose various image layers without degrading the quality of the original image data. Applications?

  • Text next to camera image
  • Graphical illustrations next to a speaker in the image
  • Animations next to and in PowerPoint or Keynote


The underlying hardware and software offer a complete screen management system for the editor of the final image. The image processing equipment offered by Faber Audiovisuals makes it possible for us to superimpose various image layers. Our Barco E2 and S3 processors offer the option to provide a projection quality of 4K and even 8K from various sources. The visual result: several frames on a single screen within which autonomous images are being displayed, referred to as multiwindow technology in the jargon.


Another fun application of image processing, mainly for the business market, is the so-called Down Stage Monitor or DSM. This is a display monitor installed on the stage within the speaker’s field of vision: This monitor can display text, images and/or a combination thereof as preferred. As such, the speaker has substantive guidance for his or her performance and does not have to look back at screens behind him or her. This is quite comfortable for your guest or keynote speaker.
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