Live registration

Live registration with PPU’s. Compact when shipped. Highest quality

Looking for practical, state-of-the-art equipment for live registration? Do you expect professional support, technical know-how, and a complete range? Should it be easy to transport by air, quick to set up, and at the same time be of the highest quality? Then you’ve come to the right place. We are happy to advise you on PPU’s for the live registration of your production. Or, for example, for your online or hybrid (corporate) event.

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PPU’s: for transport and quality at the highest level

If you – like many of our customers – travel a lot, you have two options for the transportation of your equipment. Either you ship the entire truck to the desired location. Or you choose compact camera control systems in the form of PPU’s that can be shipped through scheduled flights. Our choice is for the latter solution. With PPU’s, transport can be planned at shorter notice and is faster. Our range of systems can be set up and made operational in a flash. What’s more, our equipment meets broadcast standards, so you’re assured of the highest standard of quality available.

Count on our people. When you know what you want. Or when you’re still looking around

Right from the start, we make every effort to provide the solution that honors your production or event, your wishes, and requirements. You can choose from large, small, complex, and less complex PPU sets from top brands. We’re happy to work with you to find the most cost-effective solution for your specific project. With the help of our specification sheets, you can expand the basis to a set-up with many cameras that is suitable for UHD, 4K, etc. For when you’re shooting a live show in the O2 Arena, for instance. For a business event, product launch, or employee event, 2, 3, or 4 cameras might do the trick. Do you very specifically know what you’re looking for? Are you orienting yourself and looking for good advice and excellent support? Our professionals have the technical knowledge and service-oriented mindset to work with you to get the best results.

Live registration with PPU’s. Reduces lead time. Simplifies shipping
We use camera control systems in the form of PPU’s. Compact enough for transport by air.

Compact systems. Broadcast-level quality. For set-ups with 2 to a multitude of cameras Meets broadcast standards. Enables UHD, 4K, etc. For live registration of your corporate event. Up to and including complete set-ups with many cameras for a show in the O2 Arena.

Support from start to finish
Bespoke support for your specific – or less specific – question. Technical support on-site, or on-call.

Choose our equipment for live registration of:

  • Live shows
  • Sport
  • Corporate events
  • Virtual, online, hybride or live events
  • Entertainment
  • Corporate meet-up
  • Employee event