Interactive Display Station

Interactive Display Station

Ever wondered how you can make your products stand out amongst those of your competitors? Do you find it difficult to stand out at exhibitions?

Faber Audiovisuals has found the perfect solution to convince customers in an innovative way: The Interactive Display Station.

Enable customers to interact with your product

Combining the real product with a 3D visualisation enables customers to fully immerse themselves in the details and specifics of the product design. The shopper journey is continuously evolving, as it’s crossing between the physical and digital world.

The ability to see, touch and feel products is the biggest aspect in purchase intention. Imagine being able to discover more about the product by interacting with it; both digitally and physically. The Interactive Display Station gives customers the chance to connect more with your product than just looking at it and touching it.

Your product will be connected to a screen via a gyroscope. The movements of the product will be mirrored by the digitalised product on the screen in real-time. Additional features can be applied such as changing the product’s colour by shaking it or playing demo videos to display how the product can be used.

Interactive Display Station is:

  • Flexible and universal application for all product types
  • Combining a product to a 3D visualisation; enabling customers to interact with it
  • Convincing potential purchasers through customer engagement
  • Inform customers about all product aspects in a creative manner
  • Fully customisable to your corporate identity

Improve customer experience

The Interactive Display Station empowers you to improve your customer’s experience by letting them interact with the product they’re interested in. The Interactive Display Station is a unique and creative way to present a product, giving the customer full exposure to its specifics and possibilities.

Together we will create the perfect plan

Are you searching for a creative and innovative solution to help your products stand out from competitors? We would love to brainstorm with you to create the perfect tailor-made display station for you.

Curious about our possibilities. Please feel free to contact us, free of obligations.

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