Hybrid Events

Two worlds. One familiar experience

Online event with an offline experience. A select part of your audience in the studio. An unlimited number of visitors online. The best meets the best.

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Trendpaper connected hybrid events

Trendreport: connected hybrid events

“Hybrid events are the future. Especially connected hybrid events: events in which multiple physical locations are linked to each other and to the online audience.”

Curious on what a hybrid event can do for you? Download now the trendpaper in which we, together with Creative Animal, talk about our vision on hybrid events.

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Sound. Camera. Action. And reaction!

In our permanent studio in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, you will host a select audience. The audience engages with everything that happens on stage. On the high quality LED back screen, you can also stream viewers online. The presenter can even have small interviews with them. Action on the floor leads to reactions at home. And vice versa. The solution if you’re looking for that old-fashioned ‘live’ experience.

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Hybrid event with online guests

Live interaction with the audience. In the studio and online
Real-time live-action, reaction, and interaction. With chat, polls, quiz, Q&A, and more.

Dynamic presentation
Real people in the studio and on the LED screens. That translates to natural dynamics in the presentation. The presentation works in a familiar setting. And then you add all the advantages of online to it.

Virtual Venue™: one experience in the studio and at home
Virtual Venue™ gives visitors at home the equivalent experience to the people on location, the beautiful Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

Main reception. Breakout rooms. Meet & greet
Your online guests move through your event location as if they were there.

A natural environment for presenter and speakers

The Beurs van Berlage has been the backdrop of our offline studio for years. A trusted workspace for high-level productions. For the presenter, your speakers, and the audience, this impressive offline location has a natural feel. This reflects in the live broadcast or stream. Your audience – in the studio and at home – engages and responds. On social media. Or by clicking on call-to-actions.

Best of both worlds for your event:

  • corporate online event
  • online talkshow
  • online award ceremony
  • online theme day
  • keynote streaming
  • online presentation
  • online panel discussion
  • online debate
  • online entertainment
  • online gaming show
  • online quiz
  • online game show
  • streaming event
  • online product launch
  • webcasting
  • online inspiration session
  • online talk
  • online seminar
  • online conference
  • webinar
  • e-learning
  • online course
  • informal online event
  • online meetings

The same warm welcome: offline and online. With the stylish feeling of the Beurs van Berlage.

With Virtual Venue™, we ensure that the event location has the same look and feel no matter where. In the studio and online. Our physical studio is located in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. We have translated the allure of this offline top location into a sophisticated online experience. Offline and online, the background looks identical. In the same recognizable refined style. And offering the same warm welcome, live, and online. Online you receive your guests at the reception desk. With the help of a green screen, you can give your guests a personal, one-on-one welcome online. Also, your guests can meet other visitors and speak in breakout rooms.

Hybrid. So big, bigger, and even bigger than real

With hybrid solutions, you have the intimacy and dynamics of real life. Added to the scalability of online. In short, a world of possibilities. The LED screens with maximum image quality are ideal for streaming the online visitors of your event. And, of course, they’re just as good for any other visual content. Stream whatever is best for your event – and watch people react. Online scalability means you can also give your sponsors all the space they need to exhibit their products or services to the public.

Comes with marketing tools. So, more than perfect

Hybrid gives you plenty of opportunities to track and activate your event or production. More than offline events allow you to. Think of the data you generate. The analytics you can apply to it. And the direct possibilities you have for using hotspots, call-to-actions, etc. Improve your sales: choose a hybrid solution!

Online event analytics

Ease of use first. Just like security

All hybrid solutions are developed with efficiency, effectiveness, and ease of use in mind. That’s why we use templates and standard protocols. Of course, working safely is also a top priority. In all our solutions, we adhere to the RIVM guidelines for 1.5 meters distance. A pleasant thought for the production team, your speakers and employees, and the audience in the studio.

Hybrid: optimal opportunities for your sales
Export of data, perform extensive analytics. Integration of hotspots and call-to-actions.
Touch & Go
Templates, standard protocols, and the possibility to connect your own systems.
Safety first: 1.5 meters distance in the studio
Your audience, presenters, speakers, crew, and direction are in safe hands.