Event Robotics: a fascinating technological innovation

Event Robotics

Astonishment, surprise, amazement. Just imagine the look in your guests’ eyes when they are welcomed by a virtual host. Communication via LED panels moving through the room, the image of 360° cameras situated in your audience. All of this is possible. Moreover, it can all be interactive. The use of technical innovations that moreover succeed each other quickly makes quite a lot feasible nowadays. Their creative use ensures a significant impact.


Interaction is the key word. Moreover, the technology is subservient. ‘The challenge consists of devising appealing applications for the technology that add value to the event.’ For example: ‘The introduction and presentation of a new model for an important car brand. A show full of movements with robot arms moving LED panels into a variety of positions as a part of the reveal of the car, which was also physically present.’


Robotics can be used for all sorts of events that entail a natural association with technology and innovation. ‘Especially the business market has shown a lot of interest in the innovative use of robotics,’ says Kijk in de Vegte. He specifies:

  • Presentations of new technologies by manufacturers
  • Introductions of new business concepts in the world of finance
  • Demonstrations of industrial processes

Trendsetting, progressive, innovative… These are terms that seamlessly fit in with the visual technology that Faber Audiovisuals can offer in combination with content and event robotics.

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