Digital Event Studio

The most impressive visual experience. By far

Digital is now even more than normal. Innovative and limitless visual possibilities in 3D. Safe and comfortable presenting and participating from home.

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Digital Event Studio

Digital Event Studio gives you the power of 3D to deliver the most innovative and flexible visual experience of your online event by far. Speakers and participants work from their own location: wherever in the world that is. In-house, we’ve developed the technology that allows you to create any 3D set you have in mind. The Digital Event Studio then seamlessly integrates the set with the presenters and speakers on location. If you like, we can produce your online event from our own control room. Fully tailored to your needs. Everything taken care of. Everything at the highest level of innovation, creation, and results.

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Live interaction with your audience
Real-time interaction with your online audience and speakers. Everything accessible from your computer or receive a green screen kit at home.
Endless creative possibilities
Create the set you want. The 3D environment makes everything possible.
International & sustainable
We bring the studio to you! Travel is not necessary, we produce your event from our control room.
Touch & go execution
Efficient and fast live thanks to the ready-to-use studio and design templates.

Real-time interaction between audience and presentation. Safe from behind the laptop

Digital Event Studio creates an inspiring environment for live interaction between the audience, speakers, and moderators. The presenter or host plus your guests and speakers work from their own domain (at home). Traveling will not be necessary for anyone. That’s the sustainable way to go, and it makes maximum safety possible. In their comfortable environment at home, the presenter and speakers work with their own computer or laptop.

With innovative 3D power for all creative possibilities

Digital Event Studio connects the speakers and presentations at home with the power of our virtual 3D environment. The Digital Event Studio gives you the freedom to transform your creativity into reality. Let our team help you realize what you dream of. Your presenter can have live face-to-face interviews with the audience. Choose any camera perspective you want. Anything you come up with, we’ll make it happen.

Touch & Go!

The templates we’ve developed give you the studio ready to use. Touch. Go.

And if you want: customization down to the last detail. Including direction

Do you want us to take care of the directing? We will. Also remotely, of course. We can realize any visual customization for you – no matter how demanding you are. Because every detail counts with your online event, we partner with you to ensure flawless execution. In short, with Digital Event Studio, you have everything you need to put your event, your brand, and your people in the spotlight.

The Digital Event Studio can be used for, among other things:

  • online product launch
  • company presentation
  • online debate
  • virtual conference
  • corporate online event
  • online conference
  • keynote stream
  • talk
  • inspiration session
  • online course
  • informal meeting
  • e-learning
  • summit
  • theme day
State of the art full digital event
The latest techniques give shape to all your ambitions.
Augmented reality and holography: presentation and audience are ‘live’
Augmented Reality and holography: real-time streaming of audience and presenters in the digital environment.
Virtual camera control
Take control, even remotely.
Discover the possibilities
Innovative and creative solutions, contact us for a Digital Event Studio ‘tailor-made’.