Club xR

Welcome back to the feeling of live

DJ, VJ, singer, band, orchestra, or presenter sees callers ‘floating’ in space. Provides the feeling of a live performance with a live audience. Show enriched with Augmented Reality, effects, varied camera angles, physical LED screens, and show light. Like you’re actually in the middle of it.

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The atmosphere and experience of live. On stage and at home

Is it feasible to develop a concept that allows you to create something impossible: the atmosphere of a club, DJ set, or live performance – remotely? We have taken up this challenge and fulfilled it with Club xR. With the introduction of this virtual club during ADE 2020, the potential impact was immediately apparent. We can duplicate Club xR anywhere in the world. Or we can integrate the artist – wherever he or she is – directly into the virtual xR environment.

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Club xR during ADE2020 Virtual DJ Event

Most realistic environment imaginable with audience
Club xR places the artist and the live performance in the middle of the most realistic environment imaginable. Including Interactive Augmented Reality. Including effects and light show. And, of course: including a live, virtual audience. The DJ, singer, or orchestra sees the audience at home and their reactions. Feedback that amplifies and enhances the performance.

Presenter or DJ sees live audience ‘floating’ in space.
People dial in via Zoom, Teams, Hangouts, Webex, etc. The DJ or presenter sees them ‘floating’ before their eyes. The result is interaction with the audience like never before possible with virtual DJ sets.

Live show. With AR. With physical LED and show light. With live streamed audience
The most realistic environment for DJ sets, performances, shows, and corporate events.

The artist or presenter live. In the middle of the action. And that’s precisely what the audience sees
What the artist sees on the LED screens changes constantly. Including live audience. That’s what keeps the performance or presentation so lively.

Dynamic virtual set with epic impact
From light show to effects. From artists to people at home. Everything for everyone to see, and all live at the same time.

Insane major stage
The feeling of being in a club. At an incredible show. Or at a festival. And at a safe distance.

As if the audience is back – live

Digital presentation has never been so festive. As an audience, you see and hear everything happening at the same time. In fact: you experience it. It’s as if you’re in the middle of the club, at the festival, or at the event. An approach to REAL & live as naturally as possible. And on top of that: responsible and safe.

Club xR during ADE2020
Club xR during ADE2020

Club xR creates a whole new world of imagination

The epic virtual environment that Club xR uses was designed for Faber AV in collaboration with Creative Animal [link]. In a way not seen before. On the LED screens, new images are continuously popping up. At home, people take the dance floor via the stream. And that’s what the DJ sees. In fact: the act of dancing influences the effects on the LED screens and the light show. Through the combination of camera direction, lighting, VJ content, and Interactive Augmented Reality, you create a world of imagination. A unique experience!

Club XR is the ideal solution for you:

  • virtual DJ set
  • online dance event
  • VJ performance
  • online classical concert
  • virtual performance singer or band
  • online live show
  • streaming jazz, hip-hop, rock, r&b, metal, alternative, and pop
  • virtual orchestra
  • online corporate event
You hear everything. You see everything. You feel everything
The senses are stimulated as if you are physically present.
Unique 3D experience. For DJ and audience
Welcome to the club. Experience it. Enjoy.
Club xR during ADE2020