CAD Design: technical design down to the smallest detail

CAD design

We make technical drawings for any project in which we use our technology.
In doing so, we visualise things such as:

  • Wiring diagrams
  • Lighting and sound designs
  • Rigging plans
  • Stage and room floor plans
  • Pixel maps and building plans for LED screens
  • Construction drawings and made-to-measure solutions


All cases involve drawings that serve multiple purposes. This way, the technical details have been elaborated meticulously. However, a proper drawing is also extremely important for the cooperation between various parties at an event. After all, they possess the same unambiguous information. Furthermore, various technical drawings are required to obtain e.g. permits, the approval of the fire brigade, and the approval of the location. Because: our motto is safety first. Our team of experienced specialists knows which information those parties require before granting approval.

Cost Control

Proper drawings are not only important for adequate planning in preproduction, but also indispensable to the seamless progress of the on-site installation. Before we take our hardware on the road for you, we must be certain that we can immediately start setting up upon arrival. Each obstacle in the form of discussions or doubt about safety, authorisations or technical feasibility results in a loss of time and consequently unnecessary costs. It is even more important that everything required is covered in advance when we go abroad.


Each drawing is made-to-measure. ‘We evidently make use of our past experiences,’ says Kijk in de Vegte. ‘By now, we are familiar with hundreds of locations and therefore know exactly what is possible there and what not. Of course, this saves a lot on exploratory work in the design phase. The same applies to laws and regulations: our professionals will unburden you from testing for possibilities and restrictions in all facets.

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