AR Green Screen Studio

The largest green screen in Europe

No boundaries to your Augmented Reality. Perfect for any large or compact online event.

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AR Green Screen Studio

AR Green Screen Studio lets you transport your audience to any place you can dream up. With the full power of Augmented Reality, your online event will reach people the way you envisioned. In a way that allows you to entertain, inform, and optimally involve your viewers. To ensure the highest quality, we develop the software in-house. Our team of creatives and technicians will support you end-to-end, from concept to broadcast.

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Live contact & interaction with your guests
Ideal for short term productions. Small talk shows to big entertainment shows or, for your corporate, virtual event.

Largest green screen
Sensational dimensions: 25 x 8 x 6 meters – the largest green studio in Europe.

Standard features
50 LED light panels, including light control table. Standard camera set-up HD or 4K.

Touch & go execution
Work with ready to go templates or create a custom set with our designers and developers.

NEP Greenscreen Studio Augmented

Largest green screen in Europe. Biggest impact with your target group

The first thing you’ll notice about the AR Green Screen Studio is the screen’s physical size: 25 meters wide, 8 meters deep, and 6 meters high. The fact that this makes it the largest green screen studio in Europe isn’t even that interesting. What we do find captivating is that it gives you all the possibilities of AR. The whole set can be designed within your visual branding. Including logos and colors in your corporate identity. Virtual presentation screens enrich your story and create unparalleled visual experiences for your target group. For the setup of cameras, you can choose between HD or 4K. The virtual and studio cameras can also be linked together in the 3D Augmented Reality environment. For visual fireworks in the highest image quality!

Team of creative and technical professionals

With the AR Green Screen Studio, we have invested heavily in the hardware and facilities. And what you may expect even more return on investment from, is the support of our team. We have the creativity, expertise, and experience to set up the workflow effectively and efficiently. End-to-end: from concept to (pre-)production to your live stream’s operational execution or broadcast. The whole package to take your online event to the next level.

NEP Greenscreen Studio Augmented
Green Screen Studio with logo branding

The viewer close. Production safely at a distance

AR Green Screen Studio brings your online event or production for broadcast close to the people at home. Safe, of course. The studio is directed from a separate control room. Crew, presenters, speakers, and guests can always work at a minimum distance of one and a half meters from each other. The certainty that everything meets today’s requirements ensures that all energy and focus stays with the event itself. Making your employees and the people at home the winners.

Customization and templates. To get the best results quickly

No matter which level of tailoring you’re looking for, our team will help you step by step. To make fulfillment effective and as fast as possible, we work with templates we developed ourselves. These can be smoothly and efficiently tweaked to your needs.

NEP offices Hilversum

For any large or small virtual online event, the AR Green Screen Studio is a smart solution:

  • streaming event
  • online talk show
  • webinar
  • online launch product
  • online meeting of shareholders
  • online presentation
  • online conference
  • online debate
  • online presentation of annual figures
  • corporate online event
  • online informal event
  • online inspiration session
  • online talk
  • keynote stream
  • online seminar
  • online conference
  • webcast
  • online course
  • e-learning
  • online summit
  • online theme day
  • online exhibition
  • online entertainment
Greenscreen Studio for TED Talks

Organizing events online
Reach your target group online, with a ‘live’ experience.

Presentations that deliver
Maximum involvement of your participants through the use of endless virtual possibilities.

Integrate your corporate identity
Create the ultimate experience for your visitors through extended integration of your corporate identity, personalization, and digital registration of your visitors.

Support and customization
Online events with that offline feeling. Custom options for design.