3D Visualisation: seeing is believing and understanding

3D Visualisation: seeing is believing and understanding

In the event development phase, we can demonstrate how a certain concept will turn out in reality. In 3D and moving images. In doing so, we aid decision makers in making responsible decisions regarding their project, which has existed only on paper until then.


Imagine how helpful it would be if creating visibility would consist of the targeted use of audiovisual technologies and e.g. lighting, LED, and staging at the event site.

  • What would the room look like?
  • Which visual experience does the used concept used produce?
  • What impression does the organisation make?
  • What does it look like when the room is full or the aisles along the exhibition stand are filling up?


Based on the concept and the specific location, Faber Audiovisuals is able to develop a visual animation that makes all those aspects visible and tangible. The virtual camera can move through the room in full motion and approach the stage and the room from all angles. In the same way, the exhibition stand can be approached and presented from any conceivable angle.


Understanding what the concept will become according to the plans is a crucial added value. Because this sometimes also makes the limitations and bottlenecks very visible, making it possible to anticipate and potentially correct them at an early stage. This offers significant advantages not just for the creative people and producers involved, but also for the internal clients who must sell their story to their management or board. After all, they can make tangible what must otherwise be achieved using a printed document, illustrated with a few static images. Convincing, no?

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