Virtual and hybrid services

Event Platform

Unlimited possibilities with online events for the organization of your online conference, talk, summit, and many other applications.


Virtual Event

The production space where online, virtual, and augmented reality all contribute to the success of your webinar, product launch, or keynote.

Presentation with live participants


For an online event with an offline experience. A select part of your audience is in the studio. An unlimited number of visitors are online.



Creating a highly realistic environment for your television or movie production.


Online Events

Organize your online events. With the live feeling of ‘old-fashioned’ events. Online events are the new normal. What’s new is that your target groups now also look to experience them. That’s why our platforms and products immediately give the people back the feeling of offline events. And with customized services and software we develop in-house, we take you to the next step. A webinar, product launch, presentation, or online course that captivates your audience. A conference, talk, summit, kick-off, theme day, or session that actively involves viewers. In short, an online event that turns passive, anonymous spectators into active and visible participants.

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Virtual Event Studios

Virtual Event Studios are the solution that allows you to produce the most prominent online events at the highest level. And turnkey. Do you want to return to the feeling you know and love from live TV, for example? With our production space for the first time, you’ll be able to go all out with your online event. The video floor and video background offer the presenter a natural production environment. This ensures smooth, natural interaction. The speakers, guests, and audience, and your target group immediately feel at home. Live in the studio, when possible. Or wherever they are – and how many they are.

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Presentation with live participants

Hybrid Events

In our permanent studio in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, you host a select audience. The audience engages with everything that happens on stage. On the high quality LED back wall, you can also stream the viewers online in high quality. The presenter can even have small interviews with them. Action in the studio leads to reactions at home. And vice versa. The solution for the real, old-fashioned feeling of ‘live’.

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Virtual Productions

With Virtual Production you have full control over your production environment for film, TV, commercials, games and video. We use digital technology to merge physical objects and camera movements. With real time rendering. No green screen, but LED Walls instead. Also available are in-camera VFX. With this leap in image quality and possibilities you can set your sights for your most demanding ideas. Ideas that until now were unimaginable, unfeasible or beyond budget. And now, all feasible thanks to our top-notch integration of LED and rendering.

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Product rental

Are you organizing a business event with the highest possible standards for impact? Do you look for uncompromising equipment for your TV program? When you rent your equipment from us, you have the assurance of quality, flexibility, and tailored support. That’s why you’ll find us at trade shows and talk shows. At international broadcasts as the MTV Awards. And with dynamic billboards around the pitches of the premier league or with LED screens at Formula 1. Not only do we have a broad and deep range of products for you, we also stock most of them directly. We continuously invest in our hardware. We develop software in-house. And for our techniques, we use the latest innovations. But the most important investment is in our people. They have the expertise, creativity, and service-minded attitude to take your event, sports competition, fair, or show to the next level.

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