Faber Audiovisuals supplies different LED-Perimeter-Systems for:

  • 13 clubs of the Dutch Premiere League
  • 4 clubs of the German National League
  • The entire Arabian Golf League (UAE)
  • European Qualifying Games
  • All matches played by the Dutch football team

An LED-Perimeter-system is an LED-boarding that is installed around the football field, for displaying advertisement during the football games.
In addition to football, LED boarding is also used in sports such as: rugby, handball, volleyball, hockey, athletics and skiing.

Since 2008 Faber is installing LED-perimeter-systems succesfully and has supplied LED banners for more than 2000 matches until now. In the football season 2015/2016 alone the banners of Faber Audivosuals operated up to 455 times!

Photos: ProShots

Used products

Absen A97

Absen F10

Lighthouse B10

Aoto SP 12.5

Absen F16

Absen F18