Faber supplies LED screens and HD camera registration for World Rowing Championships 2016

Last week the biggest Rowing World Championships in history took place at the Willem-Alexander course in Rotterdam. 2.000 participants, split into groups of juniors, under 23- and non-olympic teams from 70 nations, competed for the world title. With its 28 000 visitors and titles for the teams of the Netherlands, the Championships were a joyful and successful event.
For the Championships Faber supplied:

  •  200m2 Aoto 8mm LED screen at the finish line for live registration/results and start lists
  • 26m2 ROE 7mm LED screen at the athlete’s training area for live registration/results and start lists
  • 60m long ROE 7mm LED boarding at the finish line for sponsor’s advertisement
  • Analogway Ascender registration for split screen 200m2 screen
  • complete HD camera registration of:
    • 4 remote camera’s installed at every 500m distance
    • LDK8000 camera incl. wide lens to the finish tower
    • LDK8000 wireless transmitter camera build in the driving car alongside the course between the 1000 and 2000m mark
    • Handheld camera for the ceremonies
© Photos: Faber Audiovisuals en Merijn Soeters

Used products



Roe MC 7HB

Aoto M8E