Amsterdam Dance Event meets Advanced Digital Event

Whereas Amsterdam and its’ clubs would have turned yellow during Amsterdam Dance Event, this year we’ve partied digitally!

A digital party from our virtual event studio: Club xR. Koolwaters has been hosting the stage for two days and several DJ’s like SWACQ, Richard Durand & DJ’s from Korsakov music have played their records during ADE Online. Dancing in the club? Access to the club was gained by joining the livestream.

Welcome to the club

Club xR is set in an extraordinary virtual club, designed and developed by Creative Animal.
By combining the live performances of artists with: augmented reality, visual effects, live lighting effects and an interactive live audience, Club xR transforms a studio into a real mainstage. An unique 3D visual experience.

It’s all about experience

Zoom, Teams and livestreams, chances are you’re a bit tired of that software. However we have discovered that our Virtual Event Studio creates an unique experience. An experience in which you are more than just a visitor of an event: you are an active participant. Why only use our virtual event studio for corporate eventing, when live events can also benefit from our studio?

Club xR | ADE 2020

  • Collaboration: Creative Animal
  • Location: Hilversum
  • Products: Virtual Event Studio – Club xR

It’s alive

The shows in club xR are brought to live by the virtual set. Because of which you are doubting for a few minutes whether the enormous butterfly is really set in the studio or not.

Let’s compare: you are watching 2 different live streams. One is filmed in front of a green screen and the other is filmed from our virtual event studio.

The ‘green screen stream’ will for sure show you pretty good images. However these images are flat and not 3 dimensional: the artist is standing in front of a screen and you are watching a video that is playing in the background.

Important details are left out as well by using a green screen, like the coupe of the DJ. The reason for this, is that the augmented reality layer is put over the green screen within the livestream. Which is why the hair of the DJ could (partly) disappear. Even when the stream is not broadcasted live, these details won’t be veracious even after editing.

However while streaming from Club xR the artist appears to be in a forest, for example. The artist is in the center of augmented reality. De set is completely brought to life.

Even the smallest details are veraciously presented by use of LED screens. The layer of augmented reality doesn’t have to be added like it has to be while using a green screen. That is to say: the LED screens show the augmented reality. Content is played live on screen. Therefor details aren’t lost while filming and by which the whole set appears to be alive.

Show your moves

Many things are happening when you’re watching the shows at Club xR. Your senses are stimulated as if you were dancing in the club: the set is alive. There are visual effects playing on LED screens, live lighting effects and augmented reality. And if that isn’t enough you can join the dancefloor via Zoom, which makes the virtual show interactive as well.

Curious about Club xR or would you like to relive ADE2020? Check out the after movie!

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