The Most Impressive Visual Experience. By far!

An on-line environment where your guests are received in a virtual meeting room, where they may watch live and on-demand video content and where they are able to get in touch with one another.

Our second-generation Virtual  event platform provides you with real-time control of what your guests see and experience. We are pleased to introduce you to a unique experience for Online, Virtual and Hybrid events.

Organising an event entails interaction: Interaction with your target audience, employees, dealers, suppliers or customers. The event is focused on interaction, communication, sharing of information and doing business. The Virtual event platform of Faber Audiovisuals provides you with all of these options —a familiar feeling in a virtual experience.

Would you like to be introduced to the possibilities? Our Virtual event platform provides you with unprecedented features: technology, interaction, networking, real-life experience, data, security and privacy. It even includes comprehensive event management. We will be most obliged to demonstrate all aspects to you.

On the 16th of February, at 4:00pm, we are planning to host a complete demonstration of the Virtual event platform. We will graciously show you all platform features and explain how to effectively utilize these for your On-line Event.

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