(LIVE) New workplace for Faber employees

By 18 October 2019January 24th, 2020Nieuws
nieuwbouw faber

Update: The construction work of our new building is getting along well! The roof and flooring have been completed.

Faber Audiovisuals; however international we may be, our heart lies in Sint Annaparochie. And it will remain that way because in 2020 we will be based in a brand new building!

For the construction of the new building, which started in September and will be completed mid 2020, ten hectares of land has been purchased. The investment provides space for new offices and a larger warehouse. In addition to the improved facilities for existing employees, the new building will include a training centre where a practical training course will be set up in collaboration with ROC Friese Poort. And this is desperately needed, because the innovative developments have led to a growing need for skilled personnel. The intermediate vocational training has already started with twenty students and is called Top AV Technicus.

A second floor will be added with a permanent set-up for Faber University and extensive demos. The six new loading docks will improve logistics and routing for transport. The environment is also being considered; the new building will no longer have a gas connection but air-water heat pumps. In the future, investments will be made in 1000 solar panels.

nieuwbouw faber