We offer innovative audiovisual solutions for business events

Are you planning to organise a business event? And are you looking for advice in that regard? We will bring your event, large or small, to life.

The added value of Faber Audiovisuals

We are a leading player in the field of comprehensive audiovisual productions. We actively contribute ideas to the development and realisation of your business event. We propose full-service solutions and assist you with a broad package of additional services. Why is Faber Audiovisuals the best fit for you? Because we offer many benefits.

Whether you want to organise a press conference, trade show, roadshow, office party, product launch, seminar or quarterly meeting: we possess in-house expertise, we have years of international experience, and we offer the latest innovations. We are gladly at your service!

  • Consultancy: Contributing ideas in concepts and content creation? In addition to our technical expertise, we also offer corresponding services such as 3D visualisation of your project, CAD design, content creation, and project management.
  • Innovation: It is essential to always stay ahead of the rapidly developing technology market. We give you the edge by using robotics, AR/VR, dynamic scene or holographic solutions.
  • Solutions: We think in terms of solutions and will translate these into the technology for you. Full-service service means assistance throughout the entire process, including that small glass of water on the stage.
  • Technology: A very broad range of up-to-date audiovisual products is at your disposal. The latest developments in the fields of LED screens, projection, cinematography, audio, rigging, and lighting technology.

From idea to implementation

The most innovative possibilities and solutions

Choosing Faber Audiovisuals is choosing for a company that offers the most innovative possibilities and solutions. From a magnificent 3D stage design, decor and lighting, holographic and creative projection to seeing your event come to life through e.g. virtual reality glasses.

Together, we will achieve the perfect plan

Are you looking for a specific product or rather a comprehensive solution for the technical implementation of your business event? We will gladly assist you by contributing ideas, advice, drawings, and brainstorming. Together, we will create a tailor-made plan.

Are you curious about the possibilities we offer?
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