We offer the most creative audiovisual solutions for broadcast and media

Are you about to produce a new TV format or media event and do you need sound advice in the initial stages? Faber Audiovisuals will gladly inform you about the most creative and innovative options.

Why Faber Audiovisuals

Faber Audiovisuals is a leading player in the world of comprehensive TV and media productions. We are good at what we do, partly because we have years of pertinent experience. Our significant advantage consists of having extensive equipment and numerous expert people. We actively contribute ideas to the development and realisation of your production.

Whether you want a TV show, a daily or weekly television program, a press presentation, large live event displays or a product presentation: we have the in-house expertise and years of international experience. We are gladly at your service with suitable advice.

  • Consultancy: Contributing ideas in concepts and content creation? In addition to our technical expertise, we also offer corresponding services such as 3D visualisation of your project, CAD design, content creation, and project management.
  • Service: We are very committed to service. All our staff members are passionate about our business, work orderly, provide service, are proactive, and operate solution-oriented.
  • Innovation: It is important for a company in the technology industry to stay ahead, to keep pace with all developments. Faber Audiovisuals is such a company: we give you the edge by means of the latest innovations.
  • Solutions: We always think in terms of solutions. Solutions focussed on your objective as a customer. We will translate the ideas into the technology for you. In doing so, we will assist you throughout the entire process.
  • Technology: We possess a broad range of audiovisual products. Always up-to-date and incorporating the latest innovations. In addition to technical expertise, we also offer the corresponding services. Content creation, CAD design, and project management, for instance.

From content creation to interactive control of LED screens

The most innovative possibilities and solutions

We offer the most innovative possibilities and solutions and have international knowledge and experience. Faber Audiovisuals is your ‘go-to’ partner for the most creative and interactive content, 3D design, control options for high-res LED video screens, 4K/HD projection, and LCD screens.

What are our achievements?

Our customers are media and television production companies such as Talpa, Blue Circle, NPO, BNN-VARA, RTL, IDTV, SBS, Tuvalu, NOS, Warner Bros, and many others.

Making the perfect plan together with you

Are you looking for a specific product or rather a comprehensive solution for the technical implementation of your media or television production? Faber Audiovisuals will gladly assist you by contributing advice, drawings, and brainstorming. We will make the perfect plan together with you

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