LED screen rental

LED display rental

Faber Audiovisuals is a specialist in LED displays and LED display rental. This specialization in LED displays has made the company a prominent international player in the market. Quality is our main drive. Faber only works with state-of-the-art LED technology and products from renowned brands. With a LED fleet of approximately 10.000 m2 Faber serves various markets, ranging from outdoor events to innovative indoor applications.

Innovative LED displays

Faber Audiovisuals continually invests in the best LED technology without losing sight of what you, as a customer, want. What do you want to visualise? What experience are you looking for? In what sort of environment are the LED displays placed? Which techniques are best suited to fit in there? In short, Faber Audiovisuals gladly outlines the total picture together with you. Together we will come to the best possible solution for your event.

Faber Audiovisuals continually invests in the best LED technology without losing sight of what you, as a customer, want. What do you want to visualise?

Selection of projects

Symphonica In Rosso 2015 / 2016


Amsterdam Music Festival

Amsterdam Arena

Dance Dance Dance


Guus Meeuwis Groots


De Toppers



Several locations

Product range LED rentals

Faber Audiovisuals features a wide range of:

  • Indoor LED
  • Outdoor LED
  • Mobile LED
  • Creative LED
  • LED Boarding

A small selection from our LED display rental portfolio? Faber Audiovisual rents LED advertising displays that serve as boarding along the soccer fields in the Dutch Premier League and supplied displays for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. We rent and facilitate LED displays to events such as Pinkpop, Symphonica in Rosso and Groots met een zachte G. We also take care of the LED sets of various television programs, such as The Voice of Holland, Dance Dance Dance, The Passion and De Wereld Draait Door.

Projection rental

Projection rental

From projection technique for small meeting rooms up to complex projection technology for big events. That is the scope of Faber Audiovisuals. The service of Faber Audiovisuals ranges from total project management, including transport, construction, operation and disassembly of the materials, to dry hire, meaning renting equipment only. Faber happily tunes its services to your wishes. What suits your event and what is needed to realize an unprecedented success? The staff members of Faber feature all expertise to advise you and to choose the most appropriate opportunities together with you.

Projection equipment rental

Faber Audiovisuals offers a wide range of projection equipment. Still, the power of Faber Audiovisuals does not only lie in the size or the exceptional diversity of the projectors. Faber Audiovisuals has much knowledge and international experience in the field of large and complex projection solutions, such as the facilitation of widescreens, holoprojection, 3D mapping and table projection. Furthermore, the high level of service and maintenance at Faber Audiovisuals increases the reliability of the equipment in the event venues. Faber Audiovisuals also continuously invests in the knowledge of its technicians. And clients notice this, include it in their feedback and reward quality with loyalty.


To control the projectors, Faber Audiovisuals offers various options. Our range consists of Ascender, d3, Encore and Catalyst Media Server.

Interested to know which projection possibilities Faber Audiovisuals can offer your meeting or event? Please feel free to contact us for further information. We can make an appointment to thoroughly explore the possibilities for your event.

Selection of projects

Eurosonic Noorderslag 2016




Corporate event


OpenStack Summit


Air Force Days

Gilze Rijen

Toyota / Lexus Presentatie


Live registration

Live Registration

If you opt for live recording, a multi camera setup is used. Any instarts of pre-recorded items and graphic content can be done from this setup. Faber Audiovisuals realizes this at a range of international events, from corporate events to large scale festivals, live performances and sports events. Faber Audiovisuals thus facilitated live registration during Vrienden van Amstel LIVE! and Symphonica in Rosso with Marco Borsato.

Faber Audiovisuals exclusively works with the latest and most innovative equipment on the market, is efficient and effective in its project management and committed to clear communication.

Are you interesting in additional information? Please contact us. Our staff is happy to discuss and explore your wishes. They are experts in meeting your needs in a creative and personal manner.

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Selection of projects

Symphonica In Rosso 2015 / 2016


Vrienden van Amstel LIVE! 2016

Rotterdam Ahoy

Eurosonic Noorderslag 2016


Corporate event


Bløf in concert

Ziggodome Amsterdam

Pinkpop festival 2015


Audio- light rental

Audio and light rental

Faber Audiovisuals has the expertise to turn your event into a success with state-of-the-art equipment. We have years of experience in obtaining audio-visual goals at numerous events, from small to large, from national to international. In addition, we have a worldwide network of experts who can offer you support anywhere in the world.

We assure you the best quality, because we continually invest in our people and in our equipment. Faber always owns the most modern equipment. Besides that, the employees who install the audio and light materials for you are always up-to-date with regard to the latest developments of the trade.

Renting audio and light equipment from Faber Audiovisuals means working with a partner that is easily accessible, communicates along short lines and makes sure that the people who prepare your event will actually be present at your event. Projects have a dedicated point of contact from beginning to end. This way you will always know where things stand and it ensures crystal clear communication.

Interested? Faber Audiovisuals will gladly discuss with you how the right materials can turn your event into an even bigger success.

Selection of projects

WC Alpine Ski

Vail, USA

WK Alpine Skieen


OpenStack Summit


NS 175 year


Audi - Kieler Woche

Kieler Woche



Budapest & Warsaw

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