We offer innovative audiovisual solutions for your sports event

Are you planning to organise a sports event or sporting competition? And would you like to ensure that the audience can see the entire event? In that case, opt for using advanced imaging and sound techniques of Faber Audiovisuals. We will gladly inform you about the creative and innovative options at your disposal.

A leading player

Faber Audiovisuals is a leading player in the world of sports events. We supply screens for all sorts of sports events and work a lot with LED boarding. The staff members of Faber Audiovisuals actively contribute ideas to the development and realisation of your event. We propose full-service solutions and assist you with a broad package of additional services. From technically facilitating a sports event or competition to logistics support: we gladly provide you with advice.

  • Consultancy: We offer so much more than just our technical expertise. Corresponding services, such as content creation, 3D visualisation, CAD design, and project management are also part of the options. Short lines and adaptability are key for us.
  • Innovations: Faber Audiovisuals deems it essential to stay always ahead of the rapidly developing technology market. We give you the edge by using robotics, AR/VR or interactive solutions.
  • Solution: Our focus is on your objective. We will gladly assist you by contributing ideas, advice, drawings, and brainstorming. We do all this to achieve the perfect final result. We think in terms of solutions and will translate these into technology for you.
  • Technology: A very broad range of up-to-date audiovisual products is at your disposal. None of our equipment leaves our premises without having been thoroughly tested. We offer the latest innovations in image, light, and sound.

From 3D visualisation to interactive LED boarding

The most innovative possibilities and solutions

Call on Faber Audiovisuals when you are looking for the most innovative possibilities and solutions. For the most creative (interactive) content, 3D design, play-out possibilities, LED video screens, en LED boarding systems.

Choosing for Faber Audiovisuals is choosing for a company with international knowledge and years of experience.

We can show live scores from any source on the LED screens by means of our modified Caspar system.
We supply certified LED banners to display advertising.
We can provide live recording and show this directly on the screens. This allows you to show your visitors the action up close.
We can display the speed of the ball on all screens by means of our modified Caspar system.

What are our achievements?

Our customers namely include sports clubs, sponsors, marketing departments of brands and locations. Examples are KNVB, FIS, F1, premier-league teams (‘eredivisie’), Swiss Timing, Red Bull, DTM, and many others. We have successfully completed many projects in recent years that we are proud of.

Together, we will achieve the perfect plan

Are you looking for a specific product for use during your sports event or rather a comprehensive solution for the technical implementation of your event? The staff members of Faber Audiovisuals will gladly assist you and contribute ideas.

Together, we will create a tailor-made plan.
Would you like to know more about the options we offer? In that case, please contact us, without obligation.

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