We offer innovative audiovisual solutions for any live event

Are you planning to organise an event or concert? In that case, your objective naturally is to make an indelible impression on your audience. We will enhance the experience of your live event by using large-screen displays and camera technology. We will gladly assist you.

The added value of Faber Audiovisuals

Faber Audiovisuals is a leading player in the world of music and live events. We actively contribute ideas to the development and realisation of your event. As a customer, what can you expect from us?

We will assess how we can organise your design, which solutions we can offer, and what the pitfalls are. We know all the dos and don’ts and will always give you honest advice. Whether you are organising a concert, festival, public event or theatre performance: Faber Audiovisuals is always glad to be at your service.

  • Consultancy: Contributing ideas in concepts and content creation? In addition to our technical expertise, we also offer corresponding services such as 3D visualisation of your project, CAD design, content creation, and project management.
  • Innovation: We deem it essential to stay always ahead of the rapidly developing technology industry. Faber Audiovisuals gives you the edge by using crowd control or interactive solutions.
  • Solutions: We think in terms of solutions. We will translate ideas into technology. We supply a comprehensive package: we contribute ideas, advice, drawings, and brainstorming. We will realise your plans together with you.
  • Technology: Our use of technology and audiovisual products is groundbreaking. The latest innovations in the fields of LED screens, projection facilities, cinematography, and audio are at your disposal.

From crowd control to curved LED video screens

The most innovative possibilities and solutions

Faber Audiovisuals offers the most innovative possibilities and solutions. We possess the required expertise for large challenging projects and live events. We are your ‘go-to’ partner for the most creative LED video and projection solution, control and HD cinematography facilities.

Choosing us is choosing for a company that offers the most innovative possibilities, solutions, knowledge, and experience.

Active Video LED strips for stunning visual effects
Playout content
Flypacks for live camera recording. Live images are displayed directly on the screens.
Modularly structured high-resolution LED screens

What are our achievements?

Our customers include music agents, production agencies, and festival organisations such as MOJO, Agents After All, Lowlands, Pinkpop, Radio 538, Sightline, Ampco Flashlight, and many others.

Together, we will achieve a tailor-made solution

Our focus is always on custom work. Together, we will achieve a tailor-made solution. Whether you are looking for a specific product or rather a comprehensive solution for the technical implementation of your music or live event: we will gladly provide you with advice.

Are you curious about the possibilities we offer? In that case, please contact us, without obligation.

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