VR and AR: impressive effects within reach

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

While virtual reality (VR) actually removes the perception of the real world, the use of augmented reality (AR) technology adds an additional layer of information to that world. Content and technology play a critical role in both cases. To illustrate the difference: we know virtual reality mainly through the special glasses that we have to put on to visit another world.

You might be familiar with AR through live football matches in which the clubs’ logos and current score are being projected onto the field. But what would you think about a presentation of the decor—including the content in a 3-D model—of the location where your project will soon take place? This provides you with a very realistic image of your future event.


Give your fantasy free rein and you will have to acknowledge that countless applications can be devised in respect of event concepts. Just to name a few examples for VR and AR:

  • Virtual decors
  • Educative projects
  • Product demonstrations
  • Custom game concepts
  • Guided tours
  • Historical reconstructions
  • Realistic event presentation


Faber Audiovisuals possesses the hardware as well as the creative and production manpower to realise VR and AR applications for you. Do not let the fact that everything is effectively possible deter you. Options such as VR and AR will surface automatically once we sit around the table with you and can freely brainstorm within the scope of your objectives. While these options might not fit in with certain concepts, they might with others. That fit might often be even that good that success is guaranteed in advance. So you are most welcome to challenge us in that regard. Ask us to show you examples; the inspiration will absolutely follow by itself.

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