Smart Digital Lectern – Touch

Smart presentations demand smart solutions.

Smart presentations demand smart solutions. Faber Audiovisuals has developed the perfect solution for presentations:

Smart Digital Lectern – Touch.

This lectern comes with proprietary software, which creates new possibilities.

About Smart Digital Lectern Touch

The 27-inch touchscreen makes it possible for the presenter to communicate his or her message e.g. by easily making annotations and zooming in or out. The lectern’s height can be adjusted electronically, making it accessible to everyone.

This multimedia lectern is the perfect solution for conferences, trade fairs, and business events.

Elevate your presentations to a higher level. The Smart Digital Lectern Touch is an indispensable aid for all your business events.

Smart digital lectern touch:

  • Height is adjustable by means of electronic lift system;
  • Custom developed software program;
  • Make annotations to the presentation;
  • Easily operate Keynote;
  • Convenient zoom function;
  • Integrated timer;
  • Send messages from direction to lectern;
  • Suitable for PowerPoint and Keynote;
  • 27-inch touchscreen.

Together, we will achieve the perfect plan

Are you intrigued by what Smart Digital Lectern Touch can mean for your event? We will gladly assist you by contributing ideas, advice, and brainstorming.

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