Interactive: hardware and content creation combined


Interaction has become an integrated component of numerous and very diverse event concepts. Therefore, innovative sensor technology nowadays also allows interaction to go far beyond a screen. This does not mean that this application is not effective, quite contrary. Day in, day out, touchscreens demonstrate their indispensable use in exhibition stands as well as serve as information points at large-scale locations. Yet, so much more is possible thanks to the far advanced 3-D, VR, and sensor technology.

Real-time Content

New media server applications have made real-time content rendering available. This makes it possible to make live modifications on-site and through interaction. In doing so, we create a veritable new reality. Furthermore, interactive content can wonderfully be combined with projection mapping.
In that case, video images are being projected on irregular surfaces rather than on smooth screens. Special software identifies the distortions of the image and corrects for it in the projection. Applications? For example, interaction of the user in combination with a live 3-D animation of a product, to be used in an exhibition stand.


The creative use of these interactive content technologies in event practice is evident. For example:

  • Projection on video floors and stages and catwalks
  • Projection of 3-D decors
  • Use in custom games for exhibition stands

For example, scanning the spectator’s movement can make it possible to move the projected image in sync with the body. In fact, you determine the visual environment through the viewing angle that you have selected. A completely surprising experience for your guests. In addition, a cast-iron and convincing effect for the communication of your message.

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