Event Consultancy: Our knowledge and experience as added value


Event Consultancy

The sooner we can contribute to a project, the more significant the added value will be for you as the customer. We gladly make our years of experience and detailed knowledge of contemporary event technology fully available in the process of creative development and global organisation. It is exactly at this stage that we deem it important to provide you with insight in the possibilities and impossibilities of your preferences and ideas.


Faber Audiovisuals can show how certain technology works, the manner in which an allegedly impossible way of presenting something can nevertheless be realised, and the restrictions you might be confronted with when opting for a certain concept. We can assist you with joint brainstorming sessions, even if you have not yet developed a concrete idea, but have already clearly identified your objective. How can you stand out at a fair? What can you do with a certain location?


We know from experience what is possible and impossible. This does not immediately involve technology, even if that is a part of our DNA. Even better, technology is a means to an end; the latter is decisive. What do you want to achieve with your event? Once that is clear, we assess the path with which this result can be achieved optimally and in the most impactful manner. And this will obviously all be done predetermined budgetary boundaries.

Faber University

In order to fully reach out to its current- and potential customers and business partners, Faber Audiovisuals has created Faber University.

For the purpose of providing them with a day-long introduction to contemporary event technology. The fascinating and inspiring schedule for the day consists of:

  • Theoretical lessons about technology
  • Hands-on demos and workshops
  • Innovation sessions

Would you like to find out whether we can assist with your project? In that case, please contact us.