Concept Design: Solutions and ideas based on knowledge and experience.

Concept design

The use of audiovisual technologies can be compared to building with Lego blocks. Both involve loose components that form systems perfectly fitting together once combined ingeniously with each other. The things you can build with them are a matter of professional expertise, creative ideas, and crucial experience.


Those are the qualities Faber Audiovisuals gladly wants to assist you with. As far as we are concerned, this should be done step by step as it is a development proces. Ask yourself each time what you can devise using a certain technology. Because, once the possibilities are clear, creativity will also be stimulated and optional applications arise that you might initially not have considered.

A few examples of innovations that are as surprising as they are useful:

  • A LED gate, as a gateway to the future
  • Wayfinding displays, which contribute to communicating the correct route in locations with multiple rooms
  • A Digital Kiosk for product demonstrations or a mini-expo stand using touch screens and LED panels among other features.


Each one of them creative conceptual interpretations with technologies of which Faber Audiovisuals has the most intimate knowledge. This pertains to up-to-date knowledge, continuously fed by experiences acquired in dozens of productions. That knowledge is shared internally by the employees in feedback and assessment sessions so that they can all learn from it and use it in future projects. Our experts are convinced that it is to your optimal advantage to opt for involving them early on in the concept development. Contributing ideas to the creative design in order to enable the integration of the perfect technical concept. Innovative, professional, and results-oriented. In short: as a partner instead of merely a supplier.

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