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Popular LED-screens

Our most common LED panels, suitable for diverse and demanding productions.
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Specialists in LED rental

Interested in LED screen rental? We are specialists in LED displays and LED screen rental. This specialization in LED displays has made Faber a prominent international player in the market. Quality is our main drive. Faber only works with state-of-the-art LED technology and products from renowned brands.

Any shape, any size

An LED screen offers countless possibilities. The panels can be assembled in a modular way, allowing them to be scaled to any desired shape and size. At Faber, you will find a wide range of LED screens suitable for any type of event, both indoor and outdoor. Whether you want to integrate an LED screen as a wall, floor, or ceiling, the options are practically limitless, and the applications are becoming increasingly creative.

Go for quality and flexibility in:

LED screenadvantages

Image quality We recommend LED as an advanced technology to provide your audience with the best visual experience both indoors and outdoors.
Flexibility Our LED screens can be assembled in a modular way, providing a scalable solution. Choose the size and shape that fits your project or space.
Top-class assortment Low weight. High resolution. Or optimized for HDR and 10Bit workflows. Always the type of LED module that is perfect for your project.

LED screen examples

Panel talk video screen Down the Rabbit Hole live event with LED screens Mastercard summit Madrid 2019 curved LED stage Meerdere LED-schermen die de actie op de piste volgen. MMEAwards creative LED screens 5 mei concert LED screen Amstel Amsterdam The Floor broadcast stage with contestants
Compact LED screen

Expert session during business conference

Multiple LED Screens

Live event 'Down The Rabbit Hole'

Large curved LED screen

Create more dimension and creativity

Mobile LED screen

Outdoor sports event

LED screens integrated into the ceiling

ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag)

LED screen at outdoor event

Liberation Day celebration Amsterdam

LED TV quiz

Broadcast studio The Floor

LED: however you want it Everything you need to meet your specific requirements

Collaboratively searching for the best solution

What do you want to portray? What experience is the audience seeking? In what environment and space will the LED screens be placed? Which techniques best suit these requirements? We proactively think along with you throughout the entire process. Together, we will arrive at the best possible solution for your event.

Renting, from A to Z

We prefer to keep as much of the chain in-house as possible. This also applies to transportation. We have our own fleet of over 50 trucks and vehicles. This way, we can ensure that all materials arrive at the location together. On time. Working with our own staff gives us maximum flexibility to make transportation smooth and efficient.

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