An innovative total solution for full-size holographic presentations

Is it impossible for an important speaker to be physically present at your event? Or are you looking for an impressive presentation technology?

Faber and Univate introduce the HoloPortal: An innovative total solution for full-scale holographic presentations!

Compact design, ideal for conferences, kick-off events or Keynote presentations!

Communicating through a hologram is no longer limited to villains from science fiction movies. With the HoloPortal from Faber and Univate you can bring this striking presentation technology to your next event.

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Virtual Presenter

With this solution virtual presenters can give a presentation on stage or in a room. These can be pre-recorded videos but also a live stream from another location for live interactions.

Because the hologram is full-size, it’s also possible to put the virtual person next to a physically present presenter. This allows attendees to interview presenters that can’t physically be present at the event. To support the presentation, it’s also possible to add a PowerPoint presentation or other graphical elements to a background screen. For instance, texts, photos, videos or 3D visualisations.

In-house recording studio

We have a professional green screen studio to record virtual presentations in high quality. If needed, we can also realise recording on location.

What does HoloPortal entail

  • The solution for situations in which a host cannot be physically present
  • Holographic live presentations streamed from another location
  • Impressive new presentation technology
  • Compact design, ideal for conferences and kick-off events!
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