We have been offering virtual solutions for remote events for years

Virtual event with interactive live audience

Our latest solution is focused on creating an offline experience – but online. By adding live audiences, this goal is largely achieved. In addition to the interaction with the audience, it is also possible to let your awaiting audience snoop around in a unique virtual lobby prior to the event.


More online event solutions


Would you like to make an important speech or event from your company available online? Then our webcast service offers the perfect solution! Webcasting involves broadcasting video and audio over the intra- or internet so that you can easily reach a large group of people simultaneously (live) with your message.

Webinar Studio


Want to promote a product or service from your company to an online audience? Or a theme that strengthens your reputation as an expert in your sector or as a crisis communication tool? Your target audience watches your broadcast online within your own familiar environment.

virtual events

(Corporate) live event

Is the target group for your corporate event too large or is it virtually impossible to have everyone attending the same location at the same time? Then a virtual event is the ultimate solution. With a virtual event, also known as a hybrid event, multiple locations are connected to each other by means of video so that the event can still be experienced together.

Give your virtual event an extra dimension

Use multi-camera registration

A professional-looking webinar can be reached with multi-camera registration. This allows you to switch live between different images, so that everything can be clearly visualized. This ensures that your viewers won’t miss a single detail or shot.

In addition, everything is immediately recorded professionally so that your webinar becomes available to people who missed it directly after the recording.

virtual events

Greenscreen / VSX studio

We have an in-house green screen film studio.

The green screen can be replaced by any type of studio. This means that we can quickly produce a virtual studio completely in accordance with your corporate identity.

VSX means that we can add unique visual effects to your virtual event.


Live stream on stage

Is a speaker unable to be physically present at your event? Then a live stream on stage is the best solution.

We offer livestreams on regular screens, but we can also offer livestreams by means of holographic projection facilities. This makes it seem as if the speaker is addressing the audience in person. By aiming a camera at the audience it is also possible for the speaker to interact with the audience.

Together we will achieve the perfect plan

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